Churchfront Uses Resi In New 4G LTE Live Streaming Rig

Sep 19, 2020 | Customer Stories, How To, Live Stream

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Jake Gosselin, the creator of Churchfront features Resi RAY Encoder in ultra-portable 4G LTE live streaming rig.

When church tech YouTuber, Jake Gosslein dropped his latest video featuring our resilient and affordable Resi RAY Encoder, we just about burst with pride!
A trusted source for so many in the church production world, Jake highlighted the RAY Encoder’s ability to offload the processor-heavy task of encoding from your production computer. He also notes their need to stream over 4G LTE due to internet connection issues at Mission Lakewood’s portable venue. Something only possible with Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol.

“In a nutshell, (Resi) ensures your live stream will be delivered to your online viewers with zero buffering or interruptions.”

We love getting to share our passion for reliable, high-quality streaming with someone so dedicated to empowering the Church around the world.

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