The Warren Davis Interview

Apr 6, 2021

Episode rundown: Our third episode is live!

Welcome back to those who are returning. Hey newcomers, to those who are joining us for the first time. Each new episode is a great place to start! As always, thanks for watching, listening, and most of all, thank you for doing your part in the shadows to bring your productions to life. Our hope is that this show, in some small way, helps you feel seen, loved, and appreciated.

We’re back with another show aimed at the production tech community; with the goal to shine a light on those in the shadows of this often-overlooked industry.

Here’s some of what we cover:
00:02:46 • Is Warren Davis as cool as Chad Vegas?
00:04:11 • How did you end up in the production world?
00:10:37 • What do you love about Life.Church?
00:13:57 • What jumpstarted Life.Church’s video-centric strategy?
00:17:58 • What’s it like doing church at this scale?
00:21:57 • How do you maintain culture across so many campuses?
00:25:25 • What challenges did you face in 2020 while pivoting to an online-only church?
00:30:43 • What are the secret to Life.Church’s hiring process?
00:39:36 • The ‘Demonic AirPods’ Story
00:45:32 • What do you think the future of the Church is?
00:49:44 • Warren’s heart

Thanks to Warren for being so generous with his time and helping us all become more prepared for the unexpected! Upgrade your scroll and follow him on Instagram @warrendotdavis. Grab those no-possessed AirPods and give Episode 003 a listen!