The Brady Shearer Interview

Jun 18, 2021

Episode rundown: Our fifth episode is live!

The term ‘Shadows of Production’ most often brings to mind images of hazy rooms teeming with technical wizards clad in black t-shirts honing the smallest details of the next event to ensure the best experience possible.


Now, chew on this thought for a second: If the show goes on and no one outside the organization experienced it; did it even really happen? We’ll give you a minute to put your mind back together. The Production Team’s ride-or-die needs to be the Communications Team, and it’s on this premise that we’re ecstatic to welcome communications expert Brady Shearer to Coffee & Gaff Tape. Brady has dedicated his skills to helping churches overcome what he calls, “The biggest communications shift in 500 years.” through his company Pro Church Tools.

Here’s some of what we cover:
00:02:55 • Who is Brady Shearer?
00:06:30 • How did Pro Church Tools come to be?
00:11:29 • TikTok, Tesla, and the disruption of communications as we knew it.
00:15:35 • How do churches engage in ’The Shift?”
00:19:59 • Communications meets Production.
00:23:38 • What is one thing you wish you could instantly change about church communications?
00:27:12 • PSA: It’s ok to speak your mind; just don’t be a jerk about it.
00:30:10 • How does someone effect change while not in a leadership position?
00:37:29 • What advice would you have for someone on the verge of burnout?
00:41:11 • Brady’s heart.

We can’t thank Brad enough for being so generous with his time and sharing his insights with the Coffee & Gaff Tape community. We hope you learn as much as we did! You know the drill; volume up, AirPods in, and hit play! ou can visit Pro Church Tools, or check out Brady’s instagram here!