The Brian Tabor Interview

Jul 14, 2021

Episode rundown: Our sixth episode is here!

Episode 006 has arrived and we’re discussing the combo no one expected: worship and memes.

Odds are that, if you’re in production ministry and have ever had a rough day, you’ll be able to relate with our guest on Episode 006 of Coffee & Gaff Tape: Brian Tabor!

Yep, we’re hanging with @worshipleaderprobs and learning how this real-life worship leader found his need for a ‘therapeutic outlet’ transforming into an Instagram account with over 100k followers and a mission to help peers navigate the shadows of production.

Here’s some of what we covered:

00:03:20 • Who is Brian Tabor?
00:07:52 • How did you end up in the shadows of production?
00:13:33 • The reveal of Mr. Probs.
00:17:37 • Chris McClarney sworn to secrecy.
00:19:07 • Do you miss being anonymous?
00:23:19 • The top ‘Prayer Concerns’ of the past 26 years.
00:27:36 • What’s your best meme-worthy moment?
00:33:05 • Walking with peers through real-life probs.
00:37:27 • What are the current themes within the worship community?
00:40:52 • Where is the future church headed?
00:44:26 • Brian’s heart.

Massive thanks to Brian for joining us! It was such a joy getting to hear his story and finding out whether or not our co-host Nate Anderson actually follows the meme account. Get ready to ‘lol’ and hit play! You can also follow Worship Leaders Probs here!