The Jeremy Van Valkenburg Interview

Sep 22, 2021

For Episode 008, we’re heading back to Transformation Church in Oklahoma to sit down with Production Director Jeremy Van Valkenburg!

Honest. Open. Transparent. That’s the only way we can describe how Jeremy graciously shares his journey through the shadows of life and production. We’re talking about what it’s like to go through the real stuff life throws at us and how working in ministry means we must choose to put the everything-is-great-all-the-time mask down so we can get the help we need.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:02:10 • Another Apple Podcast review!
00:05:01 • How did you get the nickname “Pastor JerBear?”
00:06:06 • Who is Jeremy Van Valkenburg?
00:07:48 • How did you end up in the shadows of production?
00:13:20 • Was a career in production even on your radar early on?
00:15:18 • What are the challenges and rewards of leading the Production Team at Transformation Church?
00:18:17 • What was it like starting your new role as Production Director in the midst of 2020?
00:22:42 • Transformation Church, creativity, and what’s next.
00:28:45 • How much the Water Stage really cost.
00:33:41 • Walking through difficult times while working in production.
00:48:58 • A message to leaders
00:51:19 • The Worship Leader Probs connection.
00:54:58 • Jeremy’s heart.

We can’t thank ‘Pastor JerBear’ enough for coming in H.O.T. and helping us all become better versions of ourselves. You know the drill; AirPods, coffee, and hit play!

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