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Jan 14, 2021 | Customer Stories, Live Stream

Business is a fundamental pillar of any town, city, state, or nation. Each business helps add layers to those who call its location home. Supplying people with food, resources, employment, and community. A business is never as simple as just a building, brand, or name.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce understands that. It is their responsibility to help cultivate successful businesses in the state. Their success, on a large scale, helps businesses flourish in the state of Florida, but just as importantly, helps create thousands of jobs. 

“By 2030, there are 39 goals that we believe that if we achieve in Florida, we’ll be able to move the needle and move our economy from what is now the 17th largest economy in the world to the 10th largest economy in the world”. 

Ivette Faulkner, the executive vice president of strategic communications and marketing at the Florida Chambers of Commerce, has high expectations for Florida, as do many Floridians. 

Florida is one of the fastest-growing states with over 21 million people calling Florida home, and one of the largest economies with many businesses moving in to utilize its friendly tax rates. Then the pandemic hit. 

“While a global pandemic and everything going on, we still needed to move forward,” explained Faulkner. “Our mission is focused on putting the longterm over the short term.”

Florida’s Chamber of Commerce needed to push forward. They were not just thinking about this year, but many years down the line. The work they were doing now would turn into jobs for future generations. Halting all operations was not an option. 

“We knew we needed to find an online platform that could create an engaging experience and could be interactive. But, at the end of the day, we felt that it needed to be the production and the broadcast of our content that was going to capture audiences.”

Marketing Manager Daniel Daglis at the Florida Chamber of Commerce wasn’t just thinking about the audience of the stream but all the companies that would have their names attached to their steam. He understood that if the quality of the stream was not up to par, they could potentially lose sponsors. 

“We rely on revenue to keep pushing our mission forward,” said Daglis. “You’re going to have sponsors, big-name companies – they want that production value. You don’t want hiccups and technical issues the whole time.”

Florida’s Chamber of Commerce needed a service that could allow them to stream important events while still captivating their audience. All the time and effort to create a successful event would be for nothing if their stream failed to deliver a reliable and high-quality video experience. 

“We did a lot of research and Resi came to the top in terms of recommendations from other brands and companies that use the service,” said Faulkner, excited about the possibility they found a partner that could assist in accomplishing their vision. “If we found a partner that could deliver that broadcast experience, then we would accomplish what we wanted to set forth.”

The Florida Chamber of Commerce partnered with Resi. After utilizing Resi’s Live Stream Platform for a few successful streams, members and sponsors began to express how impressed they were. 

“The biggest piece of good news is we’re hearing back from our members, from our partners, from others in the industry who want to know how they can recreate the type of production and the type of event that we’re putting together.” 

In business, imitation is the best form of flattery. There was no shortage of businesses asking how to replicate Florida’s Chamber of Commerce’s success. 

Resi has always been part of that answer,” said Faulkner. “We’re also leading in our industry and showing we made the right decision, we brought forth this incredible event. And if you’re looking to do something similar, Resi is the type of partner that you can work with.”

Moving forward as the world recovers from the pandemic, companies are realizing that returning to ‘business as usual’ is going to look very different. There will always be a place for online streaming.

“COVID has changed a lot of things, but it’s also accelerated a lot of good things, whether or not someone is able to travel, we now can deliver content to them wherever they are on-demand or at their leisure.” 

Resi will be there to help Florida’s Chamber of Commerce steam each event moving forward and continue to help achieve their standards of excellence. 

“If we’re live, we will be streaming the event, the main stage content will be through Resi. Moving forward in all of our events, whether we’re live or virtual will be done with Resi.” 

The Florida Chamber of Commerce has a vision of ‘Securing Florida’s Future.’ Through their partnership with Resi, the trials of 2020 have proved to be an accelerent to seeing that vision become a reality.

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