How Hillsong Phoenix Does Rehearsal

Oct 1, 2021 | Live Stream, Customer Stories, Multisite

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I help my team get better?” Well, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and in the world of production, rehearsal is where teams from many different disciplines have a chance to prepare for the pursuit of excellence.

This couldn’t be more true about how Hillsong Phoenix approaches rehearsals, and as you’ll see in this interview with Creative Technologies Oversight, Brandon Sampayan, becoming a better team starts with trust. “We can flip a switch, and instantly we’re in game mode,” said Brandon said as he talked through what it’s like to create an atmosphere of fun while at the same time delivering the level of excellence we’ve long associated with everything Hillsong Church produces.

From weekly Team Nights and devotional time to unplugging tracks in the middle of a worship set, there is intentionality at every turn for this team of local volunteers and Hillsong College students. The method to the madness is aimed squarely at creating unity between those in the shadows and those on stage. “There’s really only one team here,” Brandon mentions. “and we’re all about serving each other.” And that goes for even the newest attendees at Team Night. All are welcome to come and see what it’s like serving alongside more experienced team members and getting to soak up the infectious culture that’s been established there.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run a rehearsal like Hillsong would, then hit play and get ready to take some notes!

Here’s some of what we cover:
00:00:06 • Who belongs here?
00:00:35 • Light and shade.
00:00:58 • One team.
00:01:21 • Worship before worship.
00:02:23 • Rehearsal is a well-oiled machine.
00:03:45 • New volunteers.
00:04:46 • Break everything on purpose.
00:06:27 • Because we’re family.

How Hillsong Does Rehearsal

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