Online Streaming Essential as New Jersey Church Reopens

Nov 18, 2020 | Customer Stories, Live Stream

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Here’s a question many churches are asking right now when it comes to online streaming, “What do we do with our live stream after we reopen?”

We had a chance to sit down with Dana Reimer, the Service Programing Director at a North Point Partners church in New Jersey called, Hoboken Grace. We got to hear first hand how online streaming with Resi’s Live Stream Platform has allowed them to not only stream without worrying about dropouts or those fun “special effects,” but also has given them the creative freedom to navigate these unprecedented times. From the initial “lock-down” to reopening with multiple physical and digital experiences, their pivot has proven effective on all fronts.

We weren’t really putting a ton into [online streaming], we were just kind of hitting “GO” on Sunday, and so we really wanted to develop our online pastor and hosts and to really engage with people who are making the decision to watch online before they attended in person. Because 30% of our “attendees” at the time were attending online. And so we felt like that’s way too big of a group of people to just be ignoring.

– Dana Reimer, Service Programing Director, Hoboken Grace

Here at Resi, it is an honor to work with people like Dana in the North Point Partners family. Their grit and determination to impact the cities they’re planted in truly inspires us and fuels our passion to see the church supported in its efforts to share the Gospel resilient online streaming.

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