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Feb 11, 2021 | Live Stream, Multisite

We have often received questions about the ability for a church to reach offline members, usually through the use of a landline phone. Through our partnership with Phone Live Streaming, are are excited to enable this ability seamlessly through their easy-to-use platform. Below is a guest blog post from the Phone Live Streaming team which shares the impact of their service. 

 The Pandemic Exposed Overlooked Ministries

No in-person church worship! You will not forget that day. Never saw it coming. The church leadership doubled-up and attempted to create a strategy to do more church online. It was March the 12th when David Plappert took up the task and developed a solution that would allow a live stream to be feed to over the phone to those with a weak or no Internet connection. The pressures we faced under this pandemic exposed people groups we were missing all along and now has set a new long-term standard for most churches to include them in their streaming plan.


The Significant Overlooked Gap

To understand the depth of the problem you have to look at the 2017 Pew Research report that shows 58% of seniors don’t possess a smartphone and 49% of them don’t have Broadband.1 That number is more significant when you realize that 41.6% of a church’s income comes from Baby Boomers which overlaps that market.3 In addition to seniors, poverty limits SmartPhone ownership for 39% of those when less than $30,000 income and 44% of them lack Broadband.2 These statistics have driven over 600 churches to subscribe to to reach and ministry to their forgotten members.


Lives Impacted

We are surprised at how such simple technology makes a huge difference. The emails seem to roll in every week from one church reaching 10% of their congregation, to replacing expensive radio broadcasts, to offering translations on a Spanish line, to folks thankful that their elderly parents were included in the broadcast. Several Resi customers included in their setup, so we have now been invited to work with them in support of our two top of the line solutions working together.


Fine Tuning and Building Quality

An important difference in is David created one of the first online streaming options… before there was a Facebook live. This experience gave him a first-hand understanding of the quality and functional features needed for a good experience. Some churches have tried and given up on copying CDs and DVDs or using a phone conference solutions. That is why Phone Live Streaming includes a “subscription” feature that auto calls members when the stream goes live, a comprehensive dashboard with details of who is watching and when, and seamless integration to professional streaming solutions like Resi. The listener’s encounter is first class.


Taking the Big Picture View

Adding a landline option to your streaming operation is only a small part of a successful broadcast. Your online presence is measured by how well you are reaching your audience. We have created a free quick download to help you operate with the bigger picture in mind. CLICK HERE to request help your ministry team understand their full online potential with the Successful Online Preaching guide.




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