Red Rocks Live Stream Audio | Broadcast Tour With Jesse O’Brien – Part 1

Feb 24, 2021 | Customer Stories, How To

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of sitting in on a rehearsal for Red Rocks Church with Jesse O’Brien, Central FOH, and broadcast audio lead. He’s the guy in charge of everything that comes out of Red Rocks from an audio perspective, including weekend services and the Red Rocks Worship live albums. We talked all about how he mixes audio from a broadcast perspective, and how Red Rocks maximizes their stream mix before sending it out to viewers on their website, Facebook, and YouTube through Resi’s Live Stream Platform. He also shared tips for engineers to make their live stream mix the best it can be and answered the age-old question: DAW or console? Next week, we’ll share part 2 of our tour, when we’ll walk through their broadcast audio room.     

You can watch part two of our interview with Jesse here.

Big thanks to Jesse for spending some time with us! Make sure to check him out on Instagram here.

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