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Jan 15, 2021 | Customer Stories, Live Stream

Big bustling rooms full of potential customers. Tables of parceled out hors d’oeuvres, lemonade and water. Small chit-chat comes from the collection of business casuals in the back of rented out rooms. Lights dim as those in attendance are asked to take a seat. The presentation is about to begin. 

A scene familiar, yet seemingly a distant memory as the covid pandemic has all but done away with gatherings such as this. Businesses have relied on such an event to put their sales reps face to face with customers for years – a tried and true tactic. Those said businesses have had to find new ways to replicate the method without being in person. 

“So much of our revenue was contingent on people coming to Nashville and being in a room — but we knew that clearly with everything that was going on, we needed to pivot.”

Tim Schurrer, the COO of StoryBrand, was like many other executives at the beginning of the pandemic. Schurrer saw a problem approaching his sales model. He was going to have to make a change, and fast. “We were able to flip into pivoting our message to being one, which was pulling people to an in-person experience, to a shift to providing all of what they would have received content-wise to an in-person event online.”

Schurrer, only weeks out of having a child, sprung into action. He canceled venues once planned for large crowds and worked on finding a suitable streaming altarnative to keep those who were planning on attending still within reach of his sales team. 

April rolled around, and after extensive work, StoryBrand was ready for their first live-streamed event. “800 people on this live stream and it just wasn’t going well.”

Problems abound. The goal was to stream at 1080, to provide viewers with a substantial video feed with crisp audio, but many reported AV lag forcing StoryBrand to reduce their video quality to alleviate substantial lag problems in hopes of not losing viewers. A few weeks later, now 5,500 viewers, the same problem. 

“We just believed in a particular customer experience and what we were delivering to them wasn’t meeting our own standards.” Schurrer knew a change needed to be made. After talking with multiple different digital companies offering streaming services and receiving the same unsatisfactory answer “Hey, it’s just kind of how it is.” Schurrer called us at Resi.

I got on the phone with Resi and they actually cared about my problem. They knew what we wanted to do. And they said, ‘Tim, Resi can do everything that you’re wanting. You shouldn’t have to settle for a poor viewing experience. You shouldn’t have to settle for reduced quality. You can actually pump out beautiful, high resolution video and that’s what people are going to see on their side.’” Schurrer breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, music to his ears. “Not only was he so kind in listening, Resi gave me a solution that actually solved my problem!”

StoryBrand’s next event, with the help of Resi, was able to deliver a stream to their level of quality standards. Events ran smoothly and without a hitch. Finally, they were able to replicate gatherings once planned before the pandemic hit. 

“Being able to launch on the Resi platform was one of the keys to our success this past year. If it had not been for the platform the ripple effect would have been massive.”

With the help of Resi, StoryBrand was able to reach out to their desired customer base while flourishing during a difficult year. Time will tell if things go back to the ways of rented out rooms and small hors d’oeuvres, but Schurrer has seen the success they’ve formulated steaming events and plans on having a streaming component for every event moving forward. 

“We’ve served tens of thousands of customers virtually, and couldn’t have done it without the team at Resi.”

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