What is the Best Live Video Streaming Software for Mac?

Nov 10, 2020 | How To, ProPresenter, Web Platform

What is the best live video streaming software for mac?

The battle between live video streaming software has been raging in recent months, which is a very good thing for organizations attempting to reach their audiences without breaking the bank. Now, with more people than ever turning to remote learning, working from home, and searching for live entertainment for the comfort of their couch, the bar for entry into live video streaming is falling rapidly and the bar for quality has never been higher. Live streamers know that multiple cameras, pre-made video content, quality audio mixers, and your choice of social media destinations can make live broadcasting a nightmare; even for the savviest of technological wizards. Be that as it may, when choosing to hitch yourself (and your mission-critical live production) to broadcast software, it’s important to know what you’re actually getting into.

Define “Best” For Me

There many factors at play when you’re talking about live video streaming over the internet; bitrates, codecs, resolutions, and frame rates to name just a few. Furthermore, these components are rendered meaningless if you’re are on a system that is dropping frames or if your Mac is connected to an over-promised ISP that can hardly handle a late-night binge on Netflix. We’re talking about the ‘b’ word. Buffering is the assassin of so many streams it makes John Wick seem like an angry toddler. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just line up all of these so-called “heroes” of the live video streaming software realm and let them duke it out? But wait! There’s a new challenger approaching and it brings a legendary weapon forged with one aim in mind: eliminate buffering at all costs.

Buffering is the assassin of so many streams it makes John Wick seem like an angry toddler.”

So It Begins

 You’ve probably heard of ProPresenter and it’s domination of the live event presentation arena. Well, now when paired with Resi ProPresenter Stream, ProPresenter is the formidable foe RTMP streaming software has been dreading. With it’s latest update ProPresenter 7.3 boasts Resi’s industry-exclusive Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP); in addition to multiple live video streaming destinations, scheduling and automation, impressive viewer analytics, and extensive audio routing capabilities, it’s the clear victor on all fronts. In fact. when developing our first ever hardware-free live video streaming solution, and considering which platforms we wanted to integrate into, we intentionally chose ProPresenter for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and versatility. In short, it just works. (That sounds familiar doesn’t it?) And, yes, it may have been obvious which piece of software was going to come out on top, but we’ve watched enough stuttering streams to know that reliability is a deciding factor that simply can’t be ignored. Let’s dive a dig a little deeper into why the software-based live video streaming war may very well be over.

Risky Business

Apple has long been associated with creators of all sorts. So, it comes as no surprise that, for live video streaming, content producers trust their Macs to help bring their creative visions to life. Why risk your message getting glitched, buffered, or dropped altogether by using open source software that is built to let you down? While it’s true Resi’s hardware encoders provide the ultimate in stream protection and distribution, ProPresenter can now guard your content against the real-time “special effects” of RTMP all while treading lightly on your organization’s budget.

Oh, and if you’re a numbers person, we’re sorry for ruining your day because with all other streaming options, whenever there is packet loss on your internet connection, your viewers will face a buffering wheel. After the second buffering interruption, 70% of your online viewers will have abandoned your stream. Ouch. Resi is the only solution that corrects for this issue by resending and correcting data on a short delay. Think of it as affordable peace-of-mind in the already high-stakes world of live streaming.

70% of viewers will abandon your stream after the second buffering wheel

It’s All About Input

The beauty of putting software encoders in charge of your live stream is being able to mix sources without having to spend on physical video switchers and the infrastructure that comes with them. ProPresenter accepts inputs from USB Webcam protocol devices, Blackmagic Design DeckLink and UltraStudio devices, Syphon (Mac Only), and NDI so there’s no shortage of connectivity options. Oh, and enough audio routing features to make any Audio Engineer jealous. This is how live streaming software for Mac is supposed to utilize the power inside those slick, all-aluminum chassis. (Who else just heard Jony Ive say al-U-NIN-ium?) And yes, you heard that correctly, you most likely already have the hardware you need to start streaming. It’s the Mac you’re reading this on. You could even use your FaceTime camera!

Inputs for ProPresenter

Destination Station

One of the major shortcomings of OBS for example is its dependency on re-streaming services who simply pass along the same unreliable stream to multiple destinations like Facebook and YouTube. Or, if using some other RTMP based live streaming software options, crucial features like ABS/ABR (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) are disabled when sending to multiple destinations. With Resi ProPresenter Stream, you can seamlessly create Destination Groups that get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible, while automatically creating multiple bitrates for each destination to help your viewers enjoy your content regardless of how good their wifi is. All without the added anxiety that comes with using real-world internet speeds at your streaming location. Call us crazy, but we tend to think that streaming your production should be fun and not trigger your Apple Watch to remind you about breathing; don’t you?

What About Content

What About Content?

The presentation of multimedia content is actually what ProPresenter was originally built for back in 2000, so you can be confident that all the pretty stuff you’ve spent hours crafting will display beautifully. From the most basic of slide decks to rich presentations that rival an Apple Keynote from the Steve Jobs Theatre, you can mix whatever you need into your stream! Did your video editor pull an all-nighter to get that promo video done? Great, drag and drop it into your presentation, hit “GO LIVE” and breathe easy knowing that you’re not about to get a text from your boss when the stream glitches as the dramatic music crescendos into the big reveal. Plus, Resi ProPresenter Stream handles all of the nerdy stuff behind the scenes using hardware acceleration to deliver your content resiliently. So, that the only thing you need to focus on is what’s next for your broadcast and not the confusing specs of some crazy new super-computer you need to build.

 Psst; don’t have time to create your own graphics for streaming? Download ours for free right here. We won’t tell anyone.

Live Stream Template Pack for ProPresenter

One More Thing…

Running ProPresenter with Resi ProPresenter Stream on your Mac opens up a brand new world of creativity, and that is what Apple has always been about, innovation at the “intersection of technology and liberal arts.”

You can start streaming your video content today with Resi ProPresenter Stream. A free trial of ProPresenter for Mac OS is available to download if you don’t already have it. Then, enable Resi ProPresenter Stream inside the “Preferences” menu. Also, make sure to check out our How To Stream With ProPresenter: The Ultimate Guide for more pro hints on creating a professional workflow! The cameras are on. Your message matters. We’re ready to help you share your vision with your audience the way you indented; distraction-free, and poised for impact.

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