The Future

of Multisite


2020 brought an end to normal in the church. Almost everything we knew how to do came to a screeching halt. We pivoted, innovated, and did the unprecedented. We found ways to gather online, meet via Zoom and connect from a distance. Now it’s 2021. Vaccines are rolling out; and a time is coming when social distancing and masks will no longer be sacrosanct. There is a new, new normal coming. What will we do now?

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Featured Speakers

Matt Engel Gloo
Greg Ligon

Senior Ministry Strategist, Generis

Matt Engel Gloo
Todd Nicholson

12Stone Home Associate Pastor

Matt Engel Gloo
Tony Aiello

AV Engineering Director, McLean Bible Church

Matt Engel Gloo
Geoff Surratt

Senior Multisite Strategist, Generis

Matt Engel Gloo
David Grant

Ministry Lead, Next Gen & 12Stone Home

We hate buffering.

27% of viewers will abandon a stream after the first buffering wheel and another 40% after the second.

Resi’s technology was built for churches to be able to handle the problems of the public internet and result in exponentially more people being able to watch.

Eliminate Streaming Problems