YouTube API Disclosures

Additional Information Concerning Use or Access to YouTube Services.

Resi uses YouTube application programming interface (API) services (YouTube API Services) to store the following:

  • An encrypted OAuth refresh token (received by YouTube) that is used to access your YouTube channel so content can be uploaded
  • Name of the channel
  • URLs associated with channel
  • Links to the videos that are started on the user’s behalf
  • How many users were watching the video while it was live

Resi does not use YouTube API Services to collect, access, share with external parties, or serve third party advertisements to Individual users, including by way of Google or YouTube end user credentials.   Resi’s use of the YouTube APIs is subject to Resi’s Privacy Policy.  When an Individual or Organizational user makes use of or accesses YouTube (whether through the YouTube API Services or otherwise), such use or access is governed by YouTube’s Terms of Service and YouTube’s Privacy Policy.