Resi PRISM Multisite Decoders

Rock-Solid, Easy Playback at Remote Sites

PRISM Multisite Decoders work in conjunction with Resi’s encoders in order to ensure simple, reliable playback at remote sites. Like the encoders, the decoders ensure full playback of video content with no buffering, glitches, or stuttering even through temporary network interruptions thanks to the Resilient Streaming Protocol. And, just like all of Resi’s platforms, the decoders are extremely easy to use.

Step 1: Select an Event

Load an event from the cloud for live or
on-demand playback
(such as an event from last week).

Step 2: Choose a Cue Point (or go to live)

Choose to start playback from a pre-defined cue within the event, or jump to a set delay from live. 


Step 3: DVR Playback

Press play when ready, or automatically trigger playback from another device, and relax knowing you will have smooth playback even on troubled networks! The decoder will download up to ~60 hours of content and correct itself over any network. 

Dual-Channel Playback

All of Resi’s Decoders feature synchronized dual-channel playback through SDI or HDMI output at full 1080p60. This makes it easy to receive multiple video sources from encoding venues, such as a “virtual speaker” shot, secondary camera angle, etc., which can be played back in perfect synchronization.

Simple to Use, yet Powerful

The Multisite Decoder is specifically designed for simple, intuitive operation. Users can be trained in minutes. Behind the scenes, the feature-rich Linux-based application includes many versatile features helpful for production, including text overlay, RossTalk integration, fade-to-black, and more.

Works on Limited Internet and Over LAN Connections

Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol protects against internet instability at both the broadcast and receiving sites, providing perfect streaming even on troubled networks. Because stream video data is re-sent until verified as perfect, your connection can go down completely and 100% of the video data will still be transmitted as soon as it is restored! In the case of a permanent connection outage, a decoder can even be switched to a backup connection such as a cellular hotspot and still reliably receive all video data.