Most reliable live streaming for business.

Resi was built to provide enterprise live video streaming solution that does not have the failures of other live streaming services. When live streaming corporate events, business meetings, conferences, and more, you can’t afford to have buffering, glitching, or other interruptions disrupt your broadcast. Your live stream is a reflection of your brand – we’ll help you to represent it well!

Live Streaming for Business
Live Streaming For Business

Corporate streaming to web and other locations (point-to-point).


Resi provides resilient streaming to viewers online or to other physical locations, making it easy to simulcast your event wherever your audience or staff might be. With other live streaming services for business, network packet loss will lead to buffering wheels, dropped frames, and stuttering. With Resi, video content is saved and sent on a short delay in order to make sure that video is received to your viewers or other receiving campuses perfectly.

1. Encoder

Resi’s encoders take a video input source from a switcher, camera, or other device. These encoders are the first to make sure that perfect video content makes it to the cloud before sending to the viewer or other distribution point. 

Need cameras or other hardware? Resi also sells streaming kits with everything you need

2. Cloud

Resi’s cloud ensures that perfect video content is received from an encoder, so that every frame can be sent to viewers or other sites with 100% integrity. If it is missing any information, it will ask the encoder to resend the data. 

3. Distribution

High quality video will be sent to online viewers or to other simulcast campuses point-to-point through Resi decoders, which act as easy to use DVRs at receiving sites.

Streaming to Youtube Facebook and More

Simulcast business streaming video to Facebook, YouTube and more in 1080p


Streaming your event to multiple destinations is the best way to reach a wide audience, and target viewers where they already are. Resi makes it easy to stream to social platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live, Apple TV, Roku, and more. All platforms will have the same benefit of Resi’s perfect streaming, even through network inconsistencies at the broadcast site. 

One-time, recurring, or simulated live scheduled events.


Set up your event to stream once or recur on a schedule from Resi’s simple interface. Want to replay your event later? Resi’s “simulated live” feature makes it possible to re-stream an event at any time to viewers as if it is live, which will be displayed on your website, social media, or any other destination.

Detailed viewer data.

Resi provides detailed viewer information about each live streamed event, including viewer watch time, geographic information with heatmaps, device data and more. This data is important for business live video events so you can tell how your content is performing and to produce an online experience that is best for your viewers. 

Proactive monitoring and support.


Resi provides comprehensive support for all enterprise live streaming, including proactive monitoring. Along with full email and phone access to our support team, Resi’s dashboard proactively monitors your streaming health and will alert you (and our team) to any concerns. This helps us to catch issues before they happen and provide peace of mind for you. 

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Web Streaming Platform
Web Live Streaming

Ultra-reliable simultaneous live streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Live and Simulated Playback – Cloud Transcoding / ABS
Smooth Streaming over Any Connection

Multisite Streaming Platform
Multisite / Point-to-Point

Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations — even in the case of a complete internet outage

Dual Channel SDI/HDMI – Live/DVR Playback
End-to-End Resiliency

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