A complete platform for Multisite streaming.

The Multisite Platform is a turnkey streaming solution designed from the ground up to deliver video to remote locations with unprecedented reliability and quality. The complete offering includes Multisite Encoders for realtime video capture, LAN and Cloud distribution for scalable delivery, Multisite Decoders for live/DVR playback, and weekend support.

Multisite Streaming Platform
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Stream at up to 4k UHD resolution through HDMI and SDI inputs.

End-to-end Video Resiliency

The platform can overcome internet bottlenecks with zero video loss for uninterrupted playback.

Weekend Phone Support

Our support engineers are available if your team needs help, even on Sunday mornings.

DVR Playback

Live / DVR / Simulated Playback

Play and pause live video as needed. Play synchronized content later through simulated live playback.

Priced for Non-Profits

Our hardware cost defies market expectations. We keep it low to accomplish a common mission.

Simple Playback

Simple Operation

The platform is easy even for volunteers. Start streaming and playback with just a few clicks.

Platform Overview

Multisite Encoders and Decoders ensure zero content loss throughout the entire transmission path, even in the case of a complete internet outage. This means that leveraging the benefits of a public internet connection to reliably distribute video is now possible. When playing back video all content comes from a local solid state hard drive which can buffer live video in advance.

This means that remote playback sites see exactly what has been encoded — no blackouts, no buffering, no jitter. It is also the only complete solution which can stream two synchronized 1080p videos at full resolution. All of this, designed in a way that is simple for volunteers to operate and easy for technical directors to manage.

3 steps to 100% resilient streaming.

Video Capture & Encode

Step #1: Video Capture & Encode

 Resi’s Multisite Encoders capture professional audio and video by way of HDMI or UHD-SDI. These encoders can use either the h.264 or h.265 (HEVC) codecs to efficiently compress one or two channels of video and up to 16 channels of audio, and live stream to our powerful content delivery network. The encoders will automatically resend any content that may be lost during transmission, regardless of the duration of a network interruption. This patented method of live video streaming guarantees zero video loss, and enables an interruption-free remote viewing experience!

Three models are available: the Single-Channel Encoder which can capture and stream a single UHD-4K video feed, the Dual-Channel Encoder which supports encoding two HD video feeds each at full 1080p60, and the Dual-Channel +, which includes increased rendering power for enhanced performance and highest quality.

Step #2: Video Distribution (via Cloud and LAN)

Resi encoders upload data to a global CDN to ensure that each broadcast and receiving site will have incredible versatility in uploading and downloading your live media content. With multiple copies of your data at multiple locations, and almost infinitely scalable storage, you can be assured that your live streams will always be nearby and accessible to your remote venues. Since Multisite Encoders are also capable of LAN Distribution, decoders can pull live event audio/video directly from the encoder instead of the cloud! This is a perfect option for campuses with more than one venue on the same property and for remote campuses connected with dedicated internet connections (VPL, MPLS, etc).

Because your stream is already in the cloud, this also makes it easy to stream to the web and/or monitor multiple sites through video review from a single device with the same resiliency advantage of Resi’s platform. 

Video Distribution via Cloud and LAN
Video Playback with DVR and Cue Points

Step #3: Video Playback with DVR Controls and Cue Points

Designed with volunteer operators in mind, Resi has developed a robust yet simple to use video player that runs on dedicated hardware. Multisite Decoder allows playback and pausing of live video, much like a traditional DVR. This enables a remote campus to begin playback whenever they are ready. Regardless of whether the video is playing or paused, Multisite Decoder’s advanced algorithms will continue to buffer (pre-download) live video ahead of time to a local SSD – up to an incredible 60 minutes ahead from the paused location!

This intelligent design ensures that when it comes time to play, the video is played from a local (non-networked) source – eliminating the risk of video pausing or drops in quality. Playback operators have a clear readout of how much content is currently buffered, and are able to monitor health statistics about the local network connection. If the primary network connection is lost, the operator is alerted and can switch to a backup network, such as a cellular hotspot, without interrupting the video playback. 

Easy to use cue points and intuitive monitoring tools like countdown timers make playback simple. Never before has live video delivery been so easy and so reliable from end-to-end!

Single or dual-channel delivery.

Resi’s Multisite Platform enables reliable single-channel (up to 4k) or dual-channel (1080p60) video delivery. Dual-channel video is great for virtual speaker shots, isolated camera “clean feeds,” or any other secondary video source you would like to send along with your main feed. These video channels will play back in perfect synchronization at receiving sites.

Single or Dual Channel
Single or Dual Channel

Multi-channel audio streaming.

Encoders and decoders support transmitting up to 16 channels of audio embedded on SDI or HDMI. This is great for transmitting multiple languages, sending ambient/audience microphones, or even synchronizing experiences between campuses.

We were in a position where we had to figure out how to deliver a live signal over the public internet and have it be reliable and still create the same experience that we wanted people to have, and we weren’t always successful with that.

What Resi has built and the ability to deliver a high quality feed with great playout has really stepped in and helped where we were having challenges.

Nick Dooley

IT Director, Elevation Church

Using [Resi] has allowed me to concentrate on the audience experience rather than worry about a dish, signal, redundant testing, etc. I appreciated that it was very much plug-n-play, and I know that we will continue to use Resi for every event going forward.

John Jones

Supervisor of Training and Development, Toyota Industrial Equipment

I have been around technology and AV many years. Never have I had such pleasant, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile experience as I have had with the Resi.io team. We look forward to partnering on many more projects in our enterprise and throughout our 23 campuses.


David Baker

Systems Event Director, Adventist Health

See what it’s all about.

Resilient streaming starts here.

Resi Multisite Customers 2


How is Resi different from other multisite streaming options?

There are a few reasons:

 Resi is built to provide point-to-point/multisite streaming reliability equal to dedicated connections without the expense of digging dark fiber or ongoing leased connections such as MPLS. This is possible because unlike other providers, Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol ensures 100% content integrity over the public internet by checking and re-sending data from the encoder until it is verified as perfect by the receiving site. This means that your connection could go out for as long as your delay between encode and decode (seriously, you can unplug the ethernet cable from either end), and your receiving site will not have any interruptions. 

 If you have a dedicated connection, even better! Resi’s platform will operate in LAN mode, which will enable the highest amount of resiliency with the shortest delay by sending content directly from the encoder to the decoder. What’s more, if this connection is disrupted, the decoder will dynamically switch to the cloud and download data from there instead without any interruption. 

 Resi’s reliability is also guaranteed by our unique cloud infrastructure – rather than relying on dedicated servers, we use groundbreaking scalable cloud distribution methods that are not affected by drastic increases in traffic like other streaming providers. This means that no matter how much traffic streams may receive, Resi’s technology is able to scale dynamically to meet the need with no problems.

 Additionally, Resi is built to be an enterprise-level solution, while also being remarkably easy to use. Streams can be started with a single click or automated on a schedule. The system will also monitor your stream and will notify you if it ever detects any concerns (and our helpful Support team is standing by too).

What is the minimum and recommended delay between broadcast and receiving venues?

Resi is built to provide an enterprise-level broadcast experience without the cost of dedicated connections and expensive IT infrastructure. This means that now, any organization can have the same quality and reliability previously only available to big corporations and sports teams, even on public internet connections.

In order to do this, Resi’s platforms take advantage of a short delay in order to check and re-send data until it is verified as perfect by the destination, something only possible through Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol. For the Multisite Platform, the minimum delay between encode (broadcast venue) and decode (receiving venues) is about 30 seconds, and every second that is added exponentially increases your resiliency.  

Because of this, we recommend a 5-minute delay on public internet connections, as this point achieves 99.9999% resiliency over typical connections, equal to that of dedicated connections. However, if you have a good connection, you can feel comfortable using a bit less; or if you have a worse connection (such as a cellular hotspot), you can add a bit more to compensate. If you have a dedicated connection between venues, we recommend a 1-minute delay. 

We understand that low latency is important, and we have built our systems on ultra-fast transcoding technology in order to provide highly resilient streaming at the lowest delay possible, which we are working to reduce over time. For most organizations, the tradeoff of a short delay is worth eliminating disruptions and having a 100% reliable stream!

How much bandwidth do I need?

Resi’s platform ensures that every frame of video data makes it from encoders to decoders perfectly, even through inconsistencies in connection at the broadcast and receiving sites. However, in order to ensure that there are no delays causing data to get to the cloud within a reasonable delay, 2.5x your streaming bitrate is recommended for upload bandwidth at the broadcast site and download bandwidth at receiving sites. When your connection experiences packet loss, this allows the encoder to re-send data and/or decoders to re-download data faster than real-time so your audience doesn’t notice a thing! 

For typical resolutions, this means:

720p: 4-8Mbps

1080p: 10-12Mbps

Don’t have this? Most likely you can still stream. Contact us to talk about your setup. 

What is included in a Resi service plan?

A Resi service plan includes:

  • Streaming data transfer for encoders to decoders through Resi’s cloud CDN, cloud storage for archive playback, and cloud data transfer failover for dedicated/LAN connections
  • Continuous service and software feature additions and improvements – we release new things often, and we never charge for updates. 
  • Phone and email support, even on weekends – we’re here if you need us
What do I need to get started with Multisite Platform?
  1. Purchase Resi server-grade encoders for your broadcast site(s) and Resi server-grade decoders for receiving site(s)
  2. Sign up for a Resi service plan
  3. Set up your hardware:
    • Encoders run headless (do not require a display, keyboard or mouse) – plug in your source, internet, and you’re done!
    • Decoders require a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to operate
    • Audio for encoders and decoders is embedded on to the HDMI or SDI input – make sure to plan for audio embedders or de-embedders if needed
  4. We’ll provide easy-to-follow checklists with your hardware, and our Support team is available to guide you as much as you need! 
  5. Start streaming! 

How do I stream to the web along with multisite? Do I need a second encoder?

Streaming to web destinations (website, embed codes, Facebook, YouTube, apps, and more simultaneously) is enabled by a Resi Live Stream Platform service plan, which offers the same benefit of resiliency as Resi’s Multisite Platform, streaming perfectly without buffering wheels even on inconsistent connections. 

 For best practice, we do recommend using a separate encoder, as this allows maximum control over the content streaming to your destinations and enables streaming in the highest bitrate possible for each destination, leading to the best video quality. 

 However, to reduce cost or for most simplicity, it is possible to stream to both multisite and web destinations with one encoder.

Do I need a decoder at my broadcast site?

In order to start streaming with the Multisite Platform, the only hardware that is required is an encoder at your broadcast site and a decoder at the receiving site. However, many organizations may choose to also have a decoder at their broadcast site. A decoder at the broadcast site is not necessary for the system to operate reliably, but it is great for:

  • Quality checking the stream
  • Setting frame-accurate cue points for other decoders to easily begin playback from
  • Local playback of cloud content
  • To have a backup unit on hand
I have more questions

We like questions! Sign up for an online demo of Resi’s Multisite Platform to get a full tour, pricing specific for your needs, and to get your questions answered. 

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Resi group demos are a great way to see a full walkthrough of Resi’s streaming platforms, ask any questions that you have, and get pricing and more information for your use case. Let us know where we can send your time selection and invite. Looking forward to meeting you!

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