Resi and Twelve Thirty Media

Audience experience matters.

We know that you care about the quality of your services, whether in-person or online. In the same way that Twelve:Thirty media makes stunning visuals and content to enhance your worship experience, Resi provides ultra-reliable live streaming to make sure that your viewers see everything intended, in high-quality with zero buffering.

Live Streaming Platform

Resi Live Stream Platform

Resi was built to provide an ultra-reliable enterprise live streaming solution at a price that smaller organizations can afford. No other platform can encounter typical network issues all the way to complete internet outages and still provide perfect streaming without buffering or interruptions.

Eliminate Buffering

Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol is a game-changer for live streaming.

Multiple Destinations

Stream to Facebook, YouTube, your website and more at the same time.


Set up your streams once on a schedule and be done.

Weekend and Phone Support
Unparalleled Support

We’re here for you. Yes, even weekends.

Resi Multisite Platform

Streaming to other physical campuses? Resi’s Multisite Platform provides Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations.

Multisite Streaming Platform

With Resi’s platform, your organization could see:


Reduction in streaming complaints


Longer stream watch times


increase in viewers with more over time

Frank Grand

Web Director, Newspring Church

“It just works. The reliability has been amazing, and the tickets that we receive of ‘hey, this buffered,’ or ‘hey, this went down’ has been greatly reduced. It’s just opened us up to saying, if it really is this easy to stream to all these platforms, I think we’re just in the beginning phases of getting a wide a net as possible with our online services.”

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