Behind The Scenes With Ramsey Live Productions

By Joel Lombardo

In 1994, Dave Ramsey stood next to an overhead projector presenting a message of hope. With a room full of 37 people listening and learning, he described a period in his life where unexpected financial turmoil eventually led to Ramsey filing for bankruptcy at the age of 26. Today, far removed from those tumultuous events, Ramsey Solutions employs over 900 team members and reaches millions of individuals with that same message of hope—minus the overhead projector of course.

Between best-selling books, nationally syndicated radio shows, inspiring classes, and an ever-expanding network of resources, Dave’s organization provides a vast array of “experiences” designed to equip and empower customers with tools to recover their financial freedom.

One such experience that continues to rejuvenate household budgets around the world is live events. What was once a room of 37 people, are now massive venues filled with thousands of attendees and countless others joining an online video stream. These live productions, along with the renowned EntreLeadership Summit, are considered core product offerings by Ramsey Solutions. Products that ultimately help generate revenue, fueling their mission of providing, ”… commonsense education and empowerment that gives HOPE to everyone in every walk of life.”

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With a mission statement this ambitious, Livestream Product Manager, Kevin Weimer, knows the stakes are high when it comes to delivering a quality product, every time.

During our time with him at Ramsey Solutions headquarters in Franklin, TN, he recounts a particular event where there was a complete internet outage that lasted for almost 5 minutes!

“The way the Resi technology handles that is amazing,” Kevin said. “As soon as the internet reconnected, [the Resi encoder] just uploaded the packets from the time it lost connection. – The stream that people saw; they didn’t miss anything.”

This kind of resiliency and confidence is made possible by our patented RSP technology which takes advantage of a customized delay to overcome a variety of internet issues. And while keeping your livestreams up and running is of paramount importance to us, Kevin also pointed out something else that fuels the team here at Resi; giving you peace of mind, “Selfishly, I sleep better.” he says with a chuckle. “There are just fewer things for me to worry about.”

And it’s not only the production crew putting on these events that benefits from this partnership, as Kevin highlights. “For any livestream that’s a product, we have a team of people ready to jump in and help [customers] get their [viewing experience] issues figured out,” he states. “but the number of issues are a fraction of what they used to be because [Resi] just works.”

So, the next time you’re listening to Dave Ramsey talk about attacking debt with ‘gazelle intensity’ on a screen in front of you, remember there is a talented team of people working with that same level of focus to ensure you hear this message of hope, loud and clear.

“I will always test things, over and over and over again until downbeat, just to make sure I’m set for whatever weird thing that could possibly come up. But, to know that from a delivery point with streaming, I’ve got a partner whose as rock-solid as something can be; it opens the doors for us to be able to take what we’re most passionate about, which is our message, and take that out to the world that needs to hear it.” states Kevin. “So, it’s a big deal to us.”

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Joel Lombardo

Joel is an Online Pastor, Web Developer, and Digital Marketer. Joel has been helping churches and organizations livestream important moments for almost 10 years.

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