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Transform every livestream into an opportunity for real-time engagement and generosity. Resi’s QRclick is a first-of-its-kind feature offering among other streaming providers, helping to bridge the gap between digital and in person.

Mobile-First Approach

Given that 69% of U.S. online video viewers prefer smartphones, QRclick caters to this majority by making QR codes clickable for mobile users without the need for an additional device to scan.

Enhanced Viewer Participation

Livestreams to the Resi Web Player can now include QR code popups with clear calls to action, complete with url previews. This not only improves user experience but also significantly boosts engagement rates.

Connection Starts with a Click

QRclick ensures that every vital call to action, including joining a small group, making a donation, or filling out a connection card, is a frictionless pathway toward connection with your church.

How It Works

Free yourself from the manual task of adjusting and triggering CTAs across different platforms through QRclick’s set-and-forget livestream options. QRclick automatically detects QR codes displayed during your Resi Player’s livestream, generating an interactive overlay that mobile viewers can click—without the need of an additional phone.  This eliminates the traditional barriers faced by mobile viewers, ensuring that your CTA is accessible to your whole audience—regardless of how they’re watching your stream.

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  • Basic Embed
  • Social Only
  • Starter Lite
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  • Basic Embed
  • Social Only
  • Starter Lite
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
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