Studio's brand-new UI not only gives the Resi backend a facelift, but also makes managing your content easier than ever. With Studio, it's simple to find the features you need to make your digital experience the best it can be.

Give Your Content New Life

Resi On Demand is a video-on-demand service that allows you to store, organize, and share your archived video content with your audience. We designed Resi On Demand to give you full ownership over your video workflow, so every detail is catered to your exact needs.

Your Viewers Deserve the Best

Give your audience the best viewing experience with Resi's player*. Viewers can control playback speeds, choose subtitles, and much more.

Studio also includes a new Call To Action Button that you can place on the Resi player with customizable text and URLs, making it easier for your viewers to take action. Easily send viewers to sign up for your newsletter or to your favorite giving provider to help increase generosity.

*The Resi player is only available with plans that have embed codes.

Schedule Ahead of Time

We know you're super busy, which means scheduling out your work ahead of time is essential. We have greatly improved our scheduling tools allowing you to get from idea to schedule to delivery faster.

Accessibility Made Easy

Subtitles are a powerful tool for expanding your audience, driving engagement, and increasing viewer retention. Our Automated Subtitles independently transcribe your streams' spoken words into readable text, allowing viewers to follow along and never miss a message.

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Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience and how they interact with your video is a big part of developing meaningful, engaging content. With in-depth analytics around viewer count, watch times, watch locations and more you will have the data you need to make informed decisions about your content.

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Introducing Mobile Responsive Studio

Studio is mobile friendly. You can manage Studio on the go with your mobile phone or tablet!

Dark Mode

Easily toggle between light and dark mode making your Studio experience even more customizable.


With QRclick and embedded call-to-action buttons, transform every livestream through the Resi Media Player into an opportunity for real-time engagement and generosity.

With these features, you can customize the text and URLs for the CTA button, while QR codes will dynamically display onscreen, creating a seamless interactive experience that can help bridge the gap between your in-person and online audience. From joining a small group to making a donation, your calls to action can be made easily accessible for your viewers.

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