Livestreaming for Education

Reliable video platform for education.

Resi is the first livestreaming platform for education that can stream in high-quality, even through limited or congested Internet connections. Affordable pricing for education and nonprofits makes Resi the smart choice.

Resi is trusted by thousands, including:

Powerful Automations

Recurring events—like church services—can be scheduled to stream automatically each week for a robust online experience that requires no weekly maintenance.

Video Stream to Multiple Destinations

Video stream to YouTube, Facebook, your website, and mobile or TV apps—all at the same time using Resi's powerful cloud. Your message is heard, no matter where people are viewing.

Video & Audio Quality That Adapts

Resi's cloud automatically converts your video stream into multiple bitrates, giving viewers multiple quality levels depending on their Internet speed and processing power.

Resi’s technology is incredibly reliable, easy to use, and produces high-quality A/V, which creates a world-class viewing experience for our attendees.

Shana Case

Broadcast Director, Global Leadership Summit

Proactive Monitoring and Support

We think it’s better to catch issues before they happen. Resi's livestreaming platform provides proactive monitoring and reports, including full email and phone support—even on weekends.

Resilient Streaming Protocol

RSP Makes Resi Different

Resi's patented technology, the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP), is the first livestreaming solution that guarantees complete and error-free audio and video delivery.

Learn more about RSP

3 easy ways to stream:

Portable & Server-Grade

Hardware Encoders

ProPresenter Stream

Software Encoder


Upload and Sim-Live

We really, really care.

The Resi private live streaming platform is built by broadcast professionals who demand the best. Because of the confidence in streaming integrity provided by Resi’s patented technology, content can be streamed in bitrates much higher than otherwise reliably possible on standard Internet connections.

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