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Understanding your audience and how they interact with your content is a big part of developing meaningful, engaging content. With in-depth information like viewer count, watch times, watch locations, and more, you’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions about content.

Real-Time Analytics

Resi Analytics are captured in real-time. This capability allows you to actively view and analyze a livestream’s performance, while it’s occurring.

Library Analytics

With Library Analytics, you can see the ins-and-outs of how your posted videos are performing. Whether you’re interested in seeing a holistic summary of all your videos, or wanting to take a closer look at individual metrics, this feature offers vital information on how to tailor your content and engage your audience.

Social Analytics (Currently Facebook Only)

Our Social Analytics allow you to see exactly how your content is performing on social platforms, without ever forcing you to leave the Resi app. So instead of logging in to your social accounts for the millionth time, use Resi’s Social Analytics and get all the info you need for your streams, all in one place.

Drill Down

Ever been curious about those random drops or spikes in viewership? With Drill Down, you can take a closer look at your content’s performance during specific dates and timeframes—equipping you to make data-driven decisions for videos.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps provides real-time data on the location of your viewers so you know where people are tuning into your content. This information helps paint a detailed picture of who your audience is, what their communities look like, and what type of content they may be interested in.

Watch Times/Viewer Stats

Watch Times and Viewer Counts are the core of all Resi analytics. With this data at your fingertips, you can accurately assess the performance of content and recognize which streams are performing well, and which ones may need a little tweaking.

Export Data

Our Export Data feature allows users to convert their analytics data into Excel/Google files. By simply clicking on the “export” button found on your analytics page, you can enjoy analyzing your content through the familiar format of excel and google sheets.

Viewer Breakdown

Segment your data into sections you care about using Viewer Breakdown. Whether you want to take a closer look at locations, device types, resolution levels, or more, this feature will help you make smarter decisions about content production.

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  • Basic Embed
  • Social Only
  • Starter Lite
  • Pro
  • Enterprise


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Saved Video Analytics

  • Resi On Demand Starter
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  • Resi On Demand Enterprise
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