The Best Corporate Live Streaming Solution for Businesses

Resi provides resilient streaming to online viewers and physical locations (without a satellite), making it easy to simulcast your event wherever your audience might be. Other live streaming services commonly experience buffering, dropped frames, and stuttering. With Resi, content is sent on a short delay to ensure video is delivered perfectly to your online viewers or campuses.

Live Stream Corporate Events in 3 Easy Steps

1. Encode

Resi’s powerful encoders take video input from a switcher, camera, or other device and ensure perfect video content is transported to the cloud

2. Cloud

Resi’s Cloud ensures that perfect video content is received from an encoder, so every frame is sent to online viewers or other venues with 100% integrity.

3. Distribute

High-quality video is sent to online viewers or simulcast campuses point-to-point through Resi decoders, which act as easy to use DVRs at receiving sites.