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Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin pairs the power of Resi’s Web Platform with the flexibility of Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter. For the first time, you can stream high-quality, ultra-resilient content with Resi even through internet disruptions – on your own hardware! Learn more.

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Resi ProPresenter Stream
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Eliminate Stream Problems

70% of viewers will abandon a live stream after the second buffering wheel.

Resi’s technology is the first to be able to handle the problems of the public internet and results in exponentially more people being able to watch your stream without buffering wheels.

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Eliminate Streaming Problems


Web Streaming Platform

Web Live Streaming

Ultra-reliable simultaneous live streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Live and simulated playback - cloud transcoding/ABS.

Smooth streaming over any connection.


Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations — even in the case of a complete internet outage.

Dual channel SDI/HDMI - Live/DVR playback.

End-to-end resiliency. 

Multisite Streaming Platform

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What Our Customers Say...


Resi's technology is incredibly reliable, easy to use, and produces high-quality A/V, which creates a world-class viewing experience for our attendees.”


~Shana Case,
Broadcast Director, Global Leadership Summit


With Resi, it’s just been rock solid since we’ve started. I don’t know of anybody else that can give that level of product and support that we’ve received.”


~Robb MacTavish,
Live Production Director, Flatirons Church


I’m happy to say we brought in Resi in all 13 locations, and it is absolutely amazing the difference. We aren’t stressing over the satellite locations anymore for video production.”


~Sam Lesky,
Executive Pastor of Campus Operations, Seacoast Church


We found the Resi product to be so resilient that there wasn’t a lot we had to do in order to make it successful. Once we got it set up it really was really pretty much set it and forget it for us.”


~Jason Lee,
IT Director, Northwoods Community Church


You will not, for any amount of money, find a better product or company than Resi for broadcasting video!"


~Taylor Darland, Technical Coordinator, Grace Covenant Church


If you're streaming and not using Resi, you're doing it wrong.”


~Carlos Pena, Technical Director, Westover Hills Church

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