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Reliably Resilient Streaming.

Grow your church and engage your congregation with a reliable livestreaming and video solution that just works—even when your internet goes out.

All-in-One Streaming Solution

Stream more. Stress less.

Chad Vegas

Chad Vegas

Transformation Church

Tech Director

"Our internet went down for 16 minutes today, but thanks to you guys, once it was back up it literally picked up as if nothing happened. Our executive pastors looked at us and said, 'Oh, wow. That’s why you wanted Resi!'"

Making Sunday Happen


100% Error-Proof Streaming

You’ll never lag, buffer, or freeze with Resi’s patented Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP).

Tools That Save You Time

You and your team will save hours every week with Resi’s intuitive “set and forget” scheduling and automation tools that are volunteer friendly.

Stream to Multiple Destinations

At home or on-the-go, your message is heard—no matter where or how people are viewing.

Support Available Every Day

Our award-winning customer support team is standing by every day of the week—including Sunday—ready to answer any question and assist any customer.

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3 easy ways to stream:

Portable & Server-Grade

Hardware Encoders

ProPresenter Stream

Software Encoder


Upload and Sim-Live

Keeping Sunday Connected


A Total Multi-Campus Package

Resi’s Decoders and Encoders deliver crystal clear audio and video to remote locations and off-site campuses.

Remote Campuses That Feel Like Home

Experience the seamless transmission of up to 2 video channels and 16 audio channels, deepening your connection between your remote and broadcast locations.

Multisite Made Simple

Easy-to-use hardware and proactive support means little experience is needed to execute a powerful multi-site strategy.

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Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer


Former COO

"Partnering with Resi has made all the difference in the world for us... we’ve served tens of thousands of customers virtually and couldn’t have done it without the team at Resi."

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Chase Oaks

Production Director

"We had Vimeo copyright strike us twice for short clips from movies we used as illustrations in a couple messages. We almost lost all of our active and archived video for the church."

Going Beyond Sunday

Resi On Demand

Stream, Save, & Share Instantly

An on-demand platform that lets you instantly store, display, and share your church’s video content — as it’s being broadcast in real-time.

A Media Site For Your Church

Host your streamed sermons and video content on a personalized site that looks and feels like your church.

You're In Control

Your content is your content. We don’t fill your videos with annoying ads or recommendations to other content that could distract your audience.

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Behind the Scenes

Control. Simplified.

Manage Your Content


Studio is your intuitive and comprehensive command center from which you have full control of your church’s streaming experience.

Stress-Free Content Management

Custom workflows and automated processes mean a hands-off and stress-free approach to content management, delivery, and development.

In-Depth Analytics

From holistic summaries to highly-specific metrics, Studio offers vital insight to help you tailor your content and engage your audience.

A Feature-Rich Online Experience

Experience a personalized interface with back-end features such as Dark and Light Mode, mobile responsiveness, and 24-Hour Time Settings. Tailor your viewing experience with optional features like automated subtitles, CTA buttons, and more.

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We're here for you —
even on Sunday morning.

Our support is available round the clock to address any questions you might have, regardless of your plan level. We believe in assisting everyone who reaches out. Resi's platforms offer proactive monitoring and comprehensive reports, complemented by email and phone support – even on Sundays.

Best Support Easiest To Do Business With High Performer

A pain-free and easy set-up experience

With easy-to-follow documentation, live onboarding, and our award-winning support team we make getting started with Resi easy. Plus, Resi seamlessly integrates with various tools and products, eliminating the need for a complete overhaul of your existing setup.

Start Streaming Now

See firsthand how Resi transforms your streaming experience with a full walkthrough of Resi’s advanced features. Find answers to your questions, get pricing info, and discover how to elevate your streaming setup with ease.

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