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With Resi’s hardware, based on the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP), you can literally pull the Ethernet cable(s) out while streaming. Once the network connection is reestablished (or a backup connection is provided), all video data recorded during the outage will be transmitted.

Resi’s hardware encoders and decoders have set a new standard in video delivery reliability. No other encoder on the market can withstand a complete Internet outage for minutes at a time without losing content.


Mini Encoder

The Resi Mini Encoder packs the formidable capabilities of Resi within a sleek, compact, and portable design. Small enough to toss into a backpack, it empowers users to perform on-the-go encoding, without compromising the power and resilience of server-grade encoders. And the Mini will auto-detect your input and optimize encoding for your web broadcast, making setup easier than ever. Featuring a brand-new limited edition Red version.

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RAY Encoder

The RAY encoder packs the power of Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) into a smaller, portable form factor. The RAY encoder is great for low-cost, portable encoding for livestreaming or for use at remote campuses to monitor video.

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Server-Grade Encoders

Server-Grade encoders offer the highest reliability for livestreaming and multisite/multi-venue streaming. Resi’s Server-Grade encoders come in a variety of models that scale in processing power and functionality to fit your needs.

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Server-Grade Decoders

Decoders work in conjunction with Resi’s encoders to ensure simple, reliable playback at remote sites. Like encoders, decoders ensure full playback of video content with no buffering or glitches through temporary network interruptions.

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Let's Get Livestreaming!

Getting a Resi demo is the best way to get a full walkthrough of Resi’s streaming features. Ask questions, get pricing, and more to get you streaming quickly and reliably.