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Easy Integration With Dozens of Platforms That You Already Use

Resi works with the platforms you’re already using. Schedule a demo today to see how Resi can seamlessly integrate with and enhance your existing platforms.


Easily embed your live streams into Pushpay’s suite of apps.


Stream from Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software using the ProPresenter Stream plugin.


Reliable, 1080p streaming to YouTube (no stream keys required).


Stream to Facebook pages and groups, live or scheduled (no stream keys required).

Sardius Media

Reach your audience with a robust, fully-custom interactive online platform.


Host your events on the Brushfire platform, with ticketing, virtual experience tools, more.

Church Online Platform

Host church services in this free platform which provides many tools to engage with attendees.

Altar Live

Host engaging events and church services through interactive live streams and virtual watch parties.

Phone Live Streaming

Automatically call attendees and stream live audio through traditional telephones and cell phones.


Stream school chapel services and events to this attendance management app.

Other Integrations:

Resi provides stream URLs and embed codes to integrate with thousands of other app developers, website and event hosting platforms, and more.

  • Planning Center
  • Event Owl
  • Tithe.ly
  • iTickets
  • Rock
  • Subsplash
  • Maestro
  • Onboardu
  • Pathable
  • Leaderpass

Let's Get Streaming!

Resi demos are the best way to get a full walkthrough of Resi’s streaming features. Ask questions, get pricing, and more to get you streaming quickly and reliably.