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Resi Glossary

What is Point to Point?

Point to point, or multisite video transmission, is a distribution method for reliably reaching remote locations. For example, many churches broadcast live sermons to multiple satellite campuses at once so that everyone at each location can share the same experience simultaneously. Effective multisite streaming requires low latency infrastructure to ensure every location is synchronized during live or sim-live events.

In the past, point-to-point solutions often utilized dedicated connections and IT infrastructures like leased dedicated connections or fiber lines to connect an encoder at the broadcast site to one or more decoders at receiving venues. The problem with these solutions was that they were expensive and often made it cost-prohibitive to stream to a large number of remote locations. Modern multisite streaming solutions can leverage the cloud to deliver video to multiple locations much more reliably and affordably.

Using sim-live or time-shifted video, broadcasters can stream video content on a delay or even entirely pre-recorded. This differs from on-demand video because synchronized playback allows the audience to interact with the content in real-time. Sim-live is useful when receiving venues are located in different time zones because broadcasters have more flexibility when coordinating streaming events.

Resi’s Multisite solution enables reliable streaming that rivals dedicated infrastructure. This turnkey solution uses hardware encoders and decoders as well as unique cloud infrastructure to maximize the reliability of livestreams. By uploading video content to the cloud and leveraging a global content delivery network (CDN), Resi can shorten the last mile delivery to receiving venues. This can greatly reduce the latency for livestreams, which leads to a much better viewing experience.

Since Resi Multisite uploads video content to the cloud, it’s also straightforward to use Resi’s Web Platform to livestream to anywhere on the web as well. This platform offers the same level of resilience as multisite, but allows broadcasters to easily stream to numerous devices, browsers, or social media platforms. That’s because Resi’s highly scalable custom cloud transcoding engine makes it possible to stream at multiple bitrates without any additional local resources or effort. This adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS) approach can further optimize the viewing experience for global audiences.

Resi’s solution also leverages the Reliable Streaming Protocol (RSP), ensuring 100% video content integrity over the public Internet. RSP uses a short delay between the broadcast venue (encoder) and receiving venue (decoder) to verify and retransmit any lost packets. This allows Resi’s Multisite solution to overcome any bottlenecks to achieve unprecedented end-to-end video resilience. RSP can even overcome inclement weather conditions over Starlink and other satellite Internet services.

The Multisite solution can also operate over dedicated LAN connections for reduced latency and greater resilience. Resi can even dynamically switch between LAN and cloud streaming without any interruption. This video distribution approach ensures zero video loss if either the LAN or public Internet connection experiences issues.

Broadcasters that want to get started with multisite streaming can use Resi’s PRISM encoders and decoders. These devices are easy-to-use and designed for volunteer operators in mind. Resi offers everything broadcasters need to deploy a resilient point-to-point video transmission workflow for live, sim-live, or on-demand video streaming.

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