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Why are you moving me from my current plan to the Starter Lite Plan?

Our various web plans were designed in order to provide our customers with exactly what they needed to stream successfully. We priced these plans according to their capabilities and specifications, while continuing to add and develop new features. The ability to stream to a web page, or upload directly to the cloud, requires data transcoding and the ability to store content in the cloud. Simply streaming to social destinations, such as Facebook and Youtube, does not require as much transcoding or cloud processing, allowing us to keep the cost of our Social Only Plan lower than those with further functionality.

The functionality included in our Starter Lite Plan allows you to upload videos, schedule Sim Live/Replay events, and includes an embed code that supports data processing. Having an embed code gives you worry-free control over your content, as you’ll never need to worry about social platforms hitting you with copyright penalties, such as audio muting or video deletion, ever again.

What are the two differences in the plans?

Social Only (newest edition)
  • $99/mo with annual billing or $119/mo with month-to-month billing (NonProfit prices)
  • 1080p simultaneous streaming to YouTube and Facebook 
  • Automated Scheduling
Starter Lite
  • $159/mo with annual billing or $199/mo with month-to-month billing (NonProfit prices)
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Unlimited Broadcasting Hours
  • Embeddable Player with DVR (No branding)
  • CTA overlay for the embedded player
  • Access to Analytics
  • Access to Simulated Live/Replay 
  • Access to Upload and Automate

Will moving me to the current plans increase my cost?

If your streaming strategy is geared solely toward YouTube and Facebook and you don’t need to schedule replays or upload content directly to the cloud, our latest Social Only Plan is for you! With our Social Only Plan, you will continue to be able to stream to both Youtube and Facebook for $99/month (if you are on an annual billing plan) or $119/month if you prefer to pay month-to-month.

If you would like to take advantage of all the features that come with our Starter Lite Plan, there will be a slight increase in cost, but not until December 2022 when your plan renews. Our Starter Lite plan gives you the ability to add embed codes and utilize our Resi On Demand (separate cost). You will also get access to viewer Analytics, Automated Subtitles, and much more.

If you are on annual billing and your plan-renewal falls before December 2022, then you will renew at the current price you are paying until your next renewal in December 2023. If your plan-renewal falls after December 2022, your price will adjust to $159/mo (annual billing) or $199/mo (month-to-month billing) for non-profit customers.

Do I have to do anything on my side?

No, we will do all the moving and changing of the plans. Once we have updated your plan, we will then migrate your organization to Studio so you can benefit from all the new features that come with the platform.

When will I be moved to Studio?

We will have you moved within 30 days of you receiving the email notifying you of the transition to your new plan.

Why is Resi sunsetting the Legacy Social Only Plan?

We updated our plans in March of 2022, but we didn’t want to institute a price change without offering something new for our customers. For that reason, we waited until Studio was available for everyone. All functionality is tied to the streaming plan that is chosen and by sunsetting the Legacy Plan, it allows us to simplify backend administrative complexity.

If my annual subscription renews after January, can I renew now to take advantage of the discounted price?

Please contact Customer Success at [email protected].

Will my presets and schedules be migrated to Studio?

Yes, all of the information currently in Control will be migrated to Studio.

What other plans are available to choose from?