ProPresenter Stream

Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin pairs the power of Resi’s Live Stream Platform with the flexibility of Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter. For the first time, you can stream high-quality, ultra-resilient content with Resi even through internet disruptions – on your own hardware! Simulcast to multiple destinations at once, including your website, social media, mobile apps, TV apps, and more. 

No more streaming complaints. 

Like Resi’s hardware encoders, ProPresenter Stream takes advantage of Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) to ensure 100% perfect streaming without “special effects” like buffering wheels, glitches, and dropped frames.

Unlike typical streaming platforms using RTMP, Resi’s platform caches data and sends it on a short delay, verifying every frame in the cloud.
This makes sure that viewers see everything that is sent, even through network issues at the streaming site. 

Seriously; you could even lose internet completely for up to 90 seconds and viewers won’t notice a thing.

On average, organizations see streaming complaints drop by 70% with Resi.

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Resi ProPresenter Stream

Your audience just got bigger. 

Grow your online presence by streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps, TV apps, and more, all at the same time, from a single live stream. Easily embed your video on platforms like Church Online Platform and Brushfire. Set up once and you’re done – your embed code never needs to be updated.

Your Audience Just Got Bigger
Click. Stream. Done.

Click. Stream. Done.

You’re not launching a rocket. You’re streaming live video. Resi ProPresenter Stream lets you give your attention to more important things. Just select your video source screen, preset destinations (no more messing with stream keys!), and resolution – that’s it. Click Start Streaming and the Resi Cloud takes over, delivering your live stream in up to 1080p60. 

Automate everything. 

Want to set up your events in advance? No problem. Resi enables easy, automated scheduled streams from ProPresenter. Set up your one-time or recurring event times and destinations ahead of time and have one less thing to worry about.

Scheduled Streaming
Click Stream Done

Scheduled simulated live replays.

After streaming an event, schedule it to re-stream to your online audience using Simulated Live. The event will stream from the cloud to all of your destinations, with no need for your ProPresenter computer to be turned on or online. 

Encoder? Video Switcher? Keyer? Yes.

ProPresenter’s legendary software now features the most trusted live streaming protocol ever. With powerful tools like live video input switching, keyed stream lyrics, and multi-destination encoding packed inside a simple, user-friendly interface, Resi ProPresenter Stream is the only thing you need to start streaming with confidence, every time.

Encoder Switcher Keyer Yes

See what it's all about.

Resilient streaming starts here.


What is ProPresenter? Do I need it to get started?

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation and production application for live events developed by Renewed Vision. Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin enables resilient live video streaming from within this application. Get more information and download ProPresenter here

How much does Resi ProPresenter Stream cost?

One license of Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin is included for free through your Resi service plan. Resi service plans start at $99/month, and are priced to fit your organization’s size and needs.

ProPresenter 7 (sold separately) is required to use Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin. Need to stream from more than one instance of ProPresenter 7? Additional licenses of Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin cost $9/month.

What is included in a Resi service plan?

A Resi service plan includes:

  • Streaming data transfer through Resi’s cloud CDN
  • Continuous service and software feature additions and improvements – never pay for an update!
  • Phone and email support, even on weekends – we’re here if you need us
How is Resi different from other streaming providers?

There are a few reasons:

Resi’s technology enables more reliable streaming, which leads to less buffering wheels, which leads to more engagement and an exponentially larger audience over time. Resi is the only streaming provider that is able to guarantee 100% content integrity in the cloud (even through internet disruptions) by checking and re-sending data from the encoder through the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP). See a comparison and learn more about RSP

Resi’s reliability is also guaranteed by our unique cloud infrastructure – rather than relying on dedicated servers, we use groundbreaking scalable cloud distribution methods that are not affected by drastic increases in traffic like other streaming providers. This means that no matter how much traffic streams may receive, Resi’s technology is able to scale dynamically to meet the need with no problems.

Additionally, Resi is built to be an enterprise-level solution, while also being remarkably easy to use. Streams can be started with a single click or automated on a schedule. The system will also monitor your stream and will notify you if it ever detects any concerns (and our helpful Support team is standing by too).

Can I use multiple encoders with one plan (hardware or ProPresenter)?

Yes! Multiple encoders (whether hardware or software) can be scheduled and streamed with a single plan. If multiple encoders will be streaming at the same time, concurrent events can be added on for $49/mo.

Do you offer a free trial?

At this time, we do not offer a trial of Live Stream Platform. However, month-to-month pricing enables organizations to use Resi with no commitment, or if you want to see an in-depth demo and ask questions before getting started, we’d encourage you to participate in a no-hassle online demo.

How is Resi ProPresenter Stream different from Resi’s RAY and server-grade hardware encoders?

Along with Resi ProPresenter Stream, Resi provides dedicated hardware encoders that can be implemented into existing video systems. 

ProPresenter Stream relies on your hardware, based on recommended system specifications. Through Resi’s platform, this provides ultra-resilient, high-quality video streaming much more reliable than RTMP and other live streaming methods.

Resi’s hardware encoders, including the prosumer-level RAY and enterprise-level server-grade encoders, provide maximum reliability and peace of mind, as they have been designed specifically for Resi’s platform. These encoders do not rely on underlying software and are best in mission-critical applications.

What is the delay of Resi streams?

Resi is built to provide an enterprise-level broadcast experience without the cost of dedicated connections and expensive IT infrastructure. This means that now, any organization can have the same quality and reliability previously only available to big corporations and sports teams, even on public internet connections.

In order to do this, Resi’s platforms takes advantage of a short delay in order to check and re-send data until it is verified as perfect by the destination, something only possible through Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol. For Live Stream Platform, this delay is typically around 90 seconds, or 2 minutes to social platforms. 

We understand that low latency is important, and we have built our systems on ultra-fast transcoding technology in order to provide highly resilient streaming at the lowest delay possible, which we are working to reduce over time. For most, the tradeoff of a short delay is worth not losing viewers because of buffering wheels and stream disruptions!

How do I get started?
  1. Make sure that you have ProPresenter downloaded and installed on your computer.
  2. Create a Resi account and select a service plan to register your ProPresenter Stream license.
  3. Select Resi as your streaming destination from within ProPresenter, and log in.

That’s it! Click here to create a Resi account and get started.