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With Resi’s hassle-free live stream platform for churches, you can reach a larger audience with the gospel message with clarity and quality. Unite your community and increase engagement on a global scale.

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Wondering how to live stream church services? Resi is the best streaming solution for churches. Thanks to Resi’s patented technology, Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP), you can stream from anywhere you choose without any worry of audio or video loss during broadcasting. Now you can share special moments with your congregation, even in areas with little network connectivity. Baptisms by your local lake? Sunday service picnics outside? No problem. Resi can guarantee a seamless stream, even with total internet connection loss.

Eliminate Streaming Problems

with resi’s ultra-reliable church streaming platform, you can

Live Stream Church Services

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Stream to multiple locations


Automated, Set-and-Forget

We know finding volunteers can be difficult and even when found, most of them only have a few hours each week to help out. All of Resi’s platforms are made with ease-of-use and automation in mind. After a simple setup, you can schedule your content to stream automatically each week. You can schedule your live streams, or simulated live events, to broadcast at fixed or recurring times. This allows you to relax, knowing your content will stream perfectly every time, and leaves you with stress-free streaming that requires no weekly maintenance.

Your Best Foot Forward

Resi understands the work and commitment that goes into creating an engaging service for community members and newcomers, alike. So we made sure your live stream could deliver the same experience, even through a screen.

What Resi has built and the ability to deliver a high quality feed with great playout has really stepped in and helped where we were having challenges.

Nick Dooley

IT Director, Elevation Church


Stream to YouTube, Facebook, and More In Up to 1080p

Resi’s ability to livestream church services to multiple destinations allows you to reach a larger audience, with just one upload. You can broadcast your church service streams to your website, social media channels, OTT apps (like Apple TV, Roku, etc.), and more—giving your community the option to connect from anywhere. Whether people are at home or tuning-in across the world, Resi ensures your message is heard no matter where people are.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

We think it’s better to catch issues before they happen. All of Resi’s platforms provide proactive monitoring and reports, including full email and phone support—even on weekends. This means if anything happens that could cause a concern for your stream, our Support team will work with you to resolve it. Plus, we’re always available to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.


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