Reliable and affordable live streaming for churches.

Resi was built to provide an enterprise church live streaming solution at a price that ministries can afford. No other platform can handle a complete internet outage and still provide perfect streaming! Pricing is affordable for churches with plans beginning at $99/mo and non-profit pricing specifically for churches.

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For Elevation Church, excellence isn’t just an ideal to strive for; it’s a part of their culture. According to Nick Dooley, IT Director, the entire staff holds to the philosophy that “excellence honors God and inspires people.” This can mean anything “from making sure that trash is off the floor to putting the best quality experience together that we can for people.”

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Most reliable church streaming platform.


We know the importance of perfect streaming for your Sunday services, Bible studies, and other events. Live video is important to reaching your audience, and has been shown to provide 5-15x better engagement than video on demand.

Other live streaming services rely on outdated methods which cannot account for packet loss that occurs naturally on the internet. Resi provides high quality streaming even through significant interruptions thanks to RSP. This makes sure that you have perfect streaming without interruptions to web destinations and multisite campuses.


Simple and Automated Streaming

Simple and automated. 

Sunday mornings (and whenever else you stream) will be simple with set-and-forget scheduling. The platform is built to be easy with volunteers in mind. Set up live or simulated live streams on a schedule, and your encoder will start automatically. If you have multisite campuses, they can stream this content back perfectly at any time through decoders just like a DVR.

Church live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and more in 1080p.


Live streaming your church services to multiple destinations is a great way to reach a large audience. Resi streams your video to multiple destinations at the same time from a single upload.  Stream to platforms like Church Online Platform and Brushfire, social media channels like YouTube and Facebook Live, Apple TV, Roku, and more from a single click. All destinations will have the same benefit of Resi’s perfect delivery, even through network problems and packet loss. 

Streaming to Youtube Facebook and More

Know your viewers. 

Knowing your online audience is important so that you can reach them effectively. Resi provides stream analytics like viewer watch times, device information, location data with heatmaps, and more. These tools are great for church leaders to keep up to date with their online audience and help you to design an online experience that is best for your viewers. 

Need help? We’re just a phone call away.


Most church streaming services cannot provide dedicated support. We take customer support seriously, and are available if you need us by phone or email, even on the weekends! Proactive streaming alerts also provide health indicators on your stream. These alerts are sent to you and our support team automatically, so we can resolve issues before they cause an interruption.

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Web Streaming Platform
Web Live Streaming

Ultra-reliable simultaneous live streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Live and Simulated Playback – Cloud Transcoding / ABS
Smooth Streaming over Any Connection

Multisite Streaming Platform
Multisite / Point-to-Point

Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations — even in the case of a complete internet outage

Dual Channel SDI/HDMI – Live/DVR Playback
End-to-End Resiliency

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Resi Encoders and Decoders enable resilient delivery and are the first step to get started with Web or Multisite platforms.