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Mini but Mighty: Introducing the New Resi Mini Encoder

By Joe Terrell

Resi Mini Encoder

Are you tired of compromising your church’s online presence due to unreliable hardware? 

Picture this — a serene Sunday morning, rehearsal went great, the tech specs and settings are dialed in, but just as the pastor’s sermon reaches a crescendo, the technology falters. Buffering, loss of quality, and frustration ensues. Your livestream audience is left confused, disengaged, or—even worse—completely uninterested in checking your church out in the future. 

Thankfully, this never has to happen again—if ever. 

In our effort to make resilient livestreaming technology more accessible and affordable, Resi is excited to announce the release of its new entry-level encoder, the Resi Mini. 

Let’s explore the tech specs of the Resi Mini, what distinguishes the Mini from other encoders, and the reasons why a church should look to incorporate a Mini into their livestreaming setup.

The Mini Encoder At a Glance: The Basics

The new compact Mini Encoder packs Resi’s robust capabilities into a sleek and portable design. Small enough to fit in a backpack, the Mini enables users to encode on-the-go without sacrificing the power and resiliency of server-grade encoders.

Some notable technical specifications include:

  • Connections
    • (1) HDMI Type A
    • Accepts 2 channels of embedded audio at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
  • Compression Standard
    • H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
  • Dimensions
    • 6.25” (W) x 4.25″ (D) x 1.25″ (H); 1 lb

For those of you who want a more detailed “peek under the hood,” you can check out a full breakdown of the Mini’s technical specifications here.

The Resi Mini Encoder Advantage

Designed with churches of all sizes in mind, the Resi Mini Encoder is a game-changer for those bridging the gap between physical and digital congregations. Here’s a glimpse of what makes it the ideal companion for your church’s tech endeavors:

  • Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP): The foundation of Resi’s error-free livestreaming guarantee, RSP ensures that audio and video quality remain intact even through the most brittle of network conditions. It means no more buffering, no more drop-offs — just a fluid uninterrupted connection (one less thing to worry about, right?). 
  • Effortless Setup: Getting started can be the most difficult and headache-inducing part of any new technology implementation, especially if you’re doing it on the fly. The Mini will auto-detect inputs and optimize encoding for your web broadcast, which cuts down on hours of troubleshooting attempts and makes it a volunteer-friendly addition to your setup. 
  • Mini but Mighty: Don’t judge its competency by size. The Mini’s small form factor packs a punch, and its portability allows you to carry the message of your church wherever your mission leads you.

With a starting price point and payment-plan options that can fit into any budget and a focus on features that simplify your workflow, the Mini Encoder is a testament to Resi’s commitment to enhancing your church’s digital ministry.

Why Your Livestream Setup Needs an Encoder

If you help run a small “pop-up” church or your ministry is new to livestreaming, the Mini Encoder is the perfect entry point for developing a more robust, professional, and resilient livestreaming presence. 

“But why do we even need an encoder?” you might be asking. “Isn’t it good enough to just stream straight from a smartphone onto social media?”

Those are great questions, and they cut straight to the heart of the modern livestreaming dilemma. 

Basically, an encoder is a piece of hardware or software that converts incoming video signals into a digital format suitable for streaming on the internet. Video cameras—whether on your smartphone or a separate piece of hardware—take in a lot of information, and all of that information can bog down the quality and speed of your livestream (think of traffic on a particularly busy freeway during rush hour). Encoders remedy this situation by compressing the audio and video data in such a way that it’s easy to transmit over the internet while maintaining a high-level of quality.

(For a beginner’s guide on the differences between hardware encoders and software encoders, check out this blog post).

Here are a few reasons why your church’s livestream livestream setup could benefit from a Resi Mini if you’re not already using an encoder:

  • Professional Production Values: By facilitating the use of professional cameras and audio equipment, encoders improve the overall production quality of the livestream. The superior audio and video processing of encoders ensures that the message and music are delivered with the utmost clarity.
  • Increased Flexibility: Encoders are compatible with various types of media inputs, enabling churches to choose the best equipment for their needs and budget. And, over time, using an encoder can be more cost-effective than relying on less reliable streaming methods.
  • Multi-Platform Streaming: With an encoder, churches can easily stream their services to multiple platforms at once, reaching a broader audience. Quality streams facilitate a better connection with the community, making viewers feel like they’re part of the service.
  • Streamlined Operations: Encoders can simplify the streaming process, allowing staff and volunteers to focus more on the service and less on the technical aspects of broadcasting.

If any of these benefits sound appealing to you, then it might be time to incorporate an encoder into your livestreaming setup—and the Resi Mini is the perfect place to start.

How to Take Full Advantage of the Resi Mini’s Capabilities

So, does the Mini Encoder have any value for churches with an already established livestream setup?

In addition to being an excellent entry-level encoder for beginners, the Resi Mini also has significant benefits for churches looking to expand or add a supplementary encoder to their network. 

Perhaps the Mini’s greatest benefit to “veteran” livestreamers is its size and simplicity. 

As stated above, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Mini is its compact size. Roughly the same size, shape, and weight of a hardcover book, the Mini can easily fit in a backpack or satchel for maximum portability. It’s easy to move from service to service or tuck away when not in use. Its portability not only adds to its convenience but enables its potential as a versatile tool for any church looking beyond their walls or a smaller congregation looking to upgrade.

For a missionary or church “on-the-go,” this versatility means there are fewer and fewer limitations on how and where you can connect with your congregation, supporters, or staff members. The Mini could also serve as a ministry-specific encoder (think mission trips, youth groups, summer camps, or conferences) when speed and portability are a must. 

Additionally, the Mini’s inherent simplicity makes it a true “plug-and-play” device. All you need is an internet connection and an input from a camera, and you’re good to go. No more navigating a labyrinth of settings and adjustments. From the tech rookie to the seasoned volunteer, the Mini makes setup as straightforward as it could be—giving your tech team the confidence to focus on other aspects of their job (or simply enjoy the service). 

Couple all of that with the Resi features you already know and love—like RSP, scheduled automations, proactive monitoring and support, and Resi On Demand—and the new Resi Mini Encoder will probably become your favorite go-to piece of livestreaming hardware.

Affordable. Powerful. Portable.

For churches venturing into their first livestream or those looking to elevate an existing service, the right technology can either stifle or supercharge your growth. With its ability to handle diverse network conditions and its portable design, the Resi Mini efficiently sets the stage for your ministry’s expansion.  

Integration is not just a technical process; it’s a cultural progression in your church. The Mini Encoder directs this with ease, simplifying the transition from ‘how we did things before’ to ‘how we do it now.’ 

And, with a quick and easy setup, you can start streaming high-quality content in no time. So, why waste any more resources and time on unreliable equipment and low-quality output? Incorporate Resi’s new Mini Encoder into your livestream setup today and experience the kind of peace of mind that can only come from investing in hardware with the highest of standards. 

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