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Resi and Pushpay Join Forces to Deliver Cutting-Edge Engagement Technology

We are excited to share some big news! Pushpay, an industry leader in digital engagement and giving, has announced that they will be acquiring Resi Media, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining their family! The acquisition transaction is anticipated to be finalized by August 24, which seals the deal that we’re officially coming together under one roof.

If you aren’t already familiar with Pushpay, the potential of this partnership will be no surprise to you; Pushpay is well known for their innovative tools to build engagement in communities including digital giving, mobile apps, donor development, and more.

Resi was created to solve streaming problems that we dealt with in our own organizations; we have experienced problems first-hand with unreliable technology that resulted in frustrating viewing experiences and a lot of stress. We are grateful to say that Resi solved our problems, as it has for thousands of organizations around the world.

Now, in order to continue to develop industry-leading solutions, we wanted to find a partner that values the culture of Resi and knows what delivering excellent products with reliability at scale means. We are excited to continue this journey with Pushpay because they align with our mission, values and strategies implicitly.

Coming together with Pushpay enables us to work together with a shared vision of helping organizations reach, engage, and grow their audiences through cutting-edge integrated digital solutions. While things will look the same for a while, we look forward to partnering our existing platforms to provide all the tools to manage live streamed and on-demand media content, apps, digital giving, and more, all in one place. Over time, we will be joining forces to deliver even more innovative products for growth and engagement of your audience, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

We look forward to sharing more details with you over time as this transition takes place. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have. Together, Resi and Pushpay are unified in our commitment to helping your organization engage and reach your community, and we are honored to serve you.

Here’s what Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor at Chase Oaks Church in Texas had to say about the news:

“It’s difficult to think of a more incredible partnership to help us have the right technology to grow and engage our congregation both in person and online, than combining Pushpay and Resi. Our church has been leveraging Pushpay technology for years to help us connect with our church family and make giving easier. Resi allows us to reach tens of thousands of people online and scale our multisite campus model to reach more people in their communities. As our church continues to invest in technology to help support future growth, we could not be more excited about the untapped potential of these two organizations coming together and the opportunities ahead. Resi and Pushpay have individually made such a significant impact for us, and as a current customer, we look forward to the possibilities of integration to create better digital and in-person environments that allow our community to come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference.”


What does this mean for Resi’s solutions today?

There are no changes to Resi’s services, products, or support. You’ll still have access to the same, ultra-resilient streaming powered by Resi, and the dedicated, proactive support to go with it. There also won’t be any changes to your current account. We will keep you updated on future changes and opportunities.

How can I contact Resi?

You can continue to use the same email addresses and phone numbers for all Resi-related inquiries, including support, billing, sales, success, etc.

Will my price change?

No, the price you are currently paying will not change, and there won’t be any changes to your current account.

What if I am already a Resi and Pushpay customer?

Billing and support will remain the same as it is today. We’ll be sure to keep you informed about future opportunities.

How do I learn more about Pushpay?

We’d love to put you in touch with Pushpay to learn more about their solutions! Fill out the form on this page.

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