Preparing Your Church Livestream for Easter

At Resi, we understand the pressure of coordinating a seamless Easter celebration. But with proper preparation and the best technology, your church’s Easter service can be an unforgettable experience of fellowship and celebration for your entire community, no matter where they are.

Last Easter, I had the opportunity to hop into the baptistry with some of our production volunteers to baptize a bunch of people who were making first-time decisions. As we finished, we were told there was someone driving in to get baptized right then, and that this was someone from the online campus… and the Spirit just told them, “Today is the day. I’m going to be baptized.” We heard this and were like, “Yeah, we’re getting back into the water.”

Ian Matchner

Technical Director, Christ Church of the Valley

Your Field Guide to Decoding Church Metrics

Tech directors, does what you’re measuring align with your church’s tech strategy? Without good data, you can’t make good decisions. In our ebook, learn the 5 key metrics you need to be tracking in the lead-up to Easter so you can ensure your tech is being put to the right use.

A Backstage Pass to a Church’s Cutting-Edge Easter Production

In this wide-ranging and knowledge-packed roundtable discussion, the tech team at Flatirons Community Church offers an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at their production process during Easter and how they discern what technology will help communicate an authentic and creative Gospel message.

Streamline Your Easter Production Workflow

Resi On Demand helps you harness the power of automation, enjoy the benefits of “set-it-and-forget-it” livestreaming, gather analytics in real-time, host video content on a professional site you can customize, and saves your tech team and media volunteers hours every week in post-production.

Are You Ready to Share Your Easter Service?

Instantly upload your streamed Easter service onto a Media Site, a brand-new Resi On Demand feature that gives your church a personalized site to transform all of your church’s video content into a dynamic, on-demand, and shareable experience — free of ads, algorithms, and copyright flags.

Master the Art of Easter Livestreams for Your Church

Check out all of our other incredible resources to help you get your church Easter-ready before one of the busiest church days of the year. From improving your post-livestream workflow to optimizing your church’s connection cards for better engagement, these articles will get ready to tackle the Easter weekend with confidence and ease. Explore our resources below and start preparing for an unforgettable Easter experience.

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