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S2 E2, Aired Mar 22, 2022

The David Jordan Interview

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We’re back with another episode of Coffee & Gaff Tape, and our guest is David Jordan from the iconic Facebook Group, Church Sound & Media Techs!

We can’t wait for you to hear how this incredible community got started, some of the challenges experienced along the way, and the impact David has witnessed over the years. His vast experience and words of wisdom will truly give everyone in production something to think about.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:02:51: Who is David Jordan?
00:04:49: How did you end up in the shadows of production?
00:7:23: What was the process of expanding your production knowledge?
00:10:23: How did Church Sound & Media Techs get started?
00:15:11: What’s it like seeing the impact this group has experienced?
00:20:00: What does the future of church production look like in your opinion?
00:23:45: Based on your experience, what is really getting in the way of teams producing their best content?
00:26:05: What can a Worship Team and Production Team do to create more unity?
00:27:59: What do all church techs need to hear right now?
00:30:40: How can production build trust with leadership?
00:35:09: What are some success stories from Church Sound & Media Techs?
00:41:04: David’s heart.

Getting to sit down with the legend was such an honor and we’re super thankful for David and the time he spent with us! AirPods? Check. Coffee? Check. Play button?

P.S. Want to become a part of the Church Sound & Media Techs community? Well, here’s the link!

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