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S2 E3, Aired Apr 20, 2022

The Philip Grossman Interview

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In this episode of Coffee & Gaff Tape, we’re heading into uncharted territory with adventure photographer and cinematographer for HBO, Discovery, and many others, Philip Grossman!

Strap in for edge-of-your-seat stories from his time documenting Chernobyl, a deep dive into how his transition to shooting exclusively on RED revolutionized his workflow, and so much more. Truly, there is no shortage of insights into the creative process, regardless of the role you play in the shadows of production!

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:02:52: Who is Philip Grossman?
00:04:50: How did you end up in the shadows of production?
00:08:02: What did you learn about filmmaking from your time at Chernobyl?
00:13:47: What is the importance of crafting an authentic story?
00:18:10: Where would you start when crafting a story in a live production setting?
00:24:00: Storytime: “In Chernobyl at Gunpoint” and “No Water in the Desert”
00:33:55: Let’s talk RED workflow and why you switched.
00:49:01: What are your thoughts on the “digital cinema in live production” movement?
01:02:02: Philip’s heart.

We so enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Philip and listen along with you to his adventures!
Sooooooooo, mash the button and get those AirPods in!

P.S. Want to connect with Philip? Here’s the link to his website!

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