Deeper Connections With Digital Engagement

The spiritual growth and guidance your church offers doesn’t need to be limited to one hour-long service per week. By utilizing digital tools, your church can nurture engagement that spans seven days of the week, resulting in deeper connections and a stronger community. The method may be changing, but the mission of the Church will always stay the same.

We’re looking for all kinds of different ways to engage people, not just on a Sunday, but throughout the week as well. And (with Resi) it’s opened us to saying, “If it’s really this easy to stream to all these platforms, we’re getting as wide of a net as possible with our online services.”

Frank Grand

Web Director, NewSpring Church

Your Guide to Greater Engagement

Experience a new level of church engagement with our latest ebook that takes on a “More Than Sunday” mindset. Discover powerful strategies and thought-provoking discussions on topics from livestreaming and digital worship experiences to cultivating a culture of daily engagement, so you can increase your impact and participation all week long.

Resilient Streaming Protocol

Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP)

Livestream with unbeatable reliability and quality thanks to Resi’s patented RSP technology. With the power of cloud transcoding, we can guarantee a perfect livestream and zero packet-loss, every time.

Powerful Automations

Stream without the stress. Resi’s Automated Scheduling allows you to schedule recurring events that will stream automatically each week. No weekly maintenance required!

Workflow Flexibility

Whether you’re using RSP or RTMP, it doesn’t matter! You can use either option with Resi and stream to wherever your viewers are. Reach your audience through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Youtube, and so much more, all with our unmatched resiliency.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

With proactive monitoring and reports, we can detect and solve issues with your stream before they happen. Plus, we offer full email and phone support—even on the weekends—so you can get help exactly when you need it.

Real-Time Analytics

Watch your livestream’s performance in real-time with Resi Analytics. By using your dashboard, you’ll have access to impactful insights like watch times, device types, viewer stats, and more.

Automated Subtitles

With Resi’s powerful cloud, your livestream’s spoken words can be automatically transcribed into readable captions on your content, equipping viewers to never miss a message.

Simulated Live

Broadcast pre-recorded content as a livestream with Resi’s Simulated Live feature. Now you can perfectly plan and record a live production, edit and polish your content, and build engagement with the excitement of a livestream.

Video On-Demand

Store, organize, and share your archived video content through Resi’s video on-demand platform, Content Library. With Playlists, Scheduling from Saved Videos, Public Cues, and more, you’ll improve your audience’s viewing experience and allow them to enjoy your content when they see fit.

Take Engagement to the Next Level

When you combine the resiliency of Resi with the power of Pushpay’s platform, you can create a digital church experience that engages congregants all week long.

Make the Most of More Than Sunday

Check out all of our incredible resources that offer in-depth knowledge on how to build meaningful engagement everyday of the week! Learn everything you need to know, including how to maximize church engagement with livestreaming, what tools and features create an efficient Tech Director workflow, and why livestreaming analytics are so important for developing an effective digital strategy.

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