Upload and Automate

Resi Upload and Automate provides simple, reliable streaming of pre-recorded content to multiple web destinations. Host worry-free events using pre-produced content while still taking advantage of the benefits of live, real time online experiences. Stream pre-recorded webinars, seminars, conferences and more with the same interactivity and energy that comes with live events. 

Three Steps


Upload video files to Resi’s easy-to-use Control site.



Set up your events to play back as one-time or recurring simulated live streams from the cloud.



Enjoy sitting back or interacting with attendees without stress!


Stream to Multiple Destinations – Best Quality to Facebook and YouTube

Reach your viewers wherever they are. Embed simulated live events on your website (embed codes never change) and simulcast to multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps, TV apps, and more. For maximum reliability, Resi relies on cutting-edge MPEG-DASH transmission rather than RTMP, enabling highest-quality streaming up to 1080p with stereo audio.

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Resiliency of Resi

Like all of Resi’s platforms, Update and Automate is built on Resi’s ultra-resilient infinitely scalable cloud architecture. This means that you can depend on Resi to provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience even through drastic increases in traffic. 

For your viewers, Resi automatically converts your uploaded file into multiple bitrates (qualities) in the cloud, so that each viewer can have the best experience possible without buffering or interruptions no matter their internet speed. 

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Because Resi Upload and Automate is incredibly easy to use, we know that you probably won’t need help from us. But, if you do, we’re just a phone call or email away. Engineers are available when you need them, even on weekends.

Proactive Support

Get Started with Upload and Automate

Getting started is easy! Select a plan and get started streaming right away: 

What Our Customers Say...



Resi's technology is incredibly reliable, easy to use, and produces high-quality A/V, which creates a world-class viewing experience for our attendees.”


~Shana Case,
Broadcast Director, Global Leadership Summit

Tim S


Partnering with Resi has made all the difference in the world for us … we’ve served tens of thousands of customers virtually and couldn’t have done it without the team at Resi.”


~Tim Schurrer, COO, StoryBrand



With Resi, it’s just been rock solid since we’ve started. I don’t know of anybody else that can give that level of product and support that we’ve received.”


~Robb MacTavish,
Live Production Director, Flatirons Church



Using [Resi] has allowed me to concentrate on the audience experience rather than worry about a dish, signal, redundant testing, etc. I appreciated that it was very much plug-n-play, and I know that we will continue to use Resi for every event going forward.”


~John Jones,
Supervisor of Training and Development, Toyota Industrial Equipment



I’m happy to say we brought in Resi in all 13 locations, and it is absolutely amazing the difference. We aren’t stressing over the satellite locations anymore for video production.”


~Sam Lesky,
Executive Pastor of Campus Operations, Seacoast Church



We found the Resi product to be so resilient that there wasn’t a lot we had to do in order to make it successful. Once we got it set up it really was really pretty much set it and forget it for us.”


~Jason Lee,
IT Director, Northwoods Community Church



You will not, for any amount of money, find a better product or company than Resi for broadcasting video!"


~Taylor Darland, Technical Coordinator, Grace Covenant Church



If you're streaming and not using Resi, you're doing it wrong.”


~Carlos Pena, Technical Director, Westover Hills Church