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We know that in person attendance in churches at the moment are on the decline and many people due to COVID are prioritizing other things or looking at alternative solutions to in person attendance. Doing digital ministry is tough and needs lots of attention and thought in order to succeed. We are trying to equip churches to do digital ministry well.

Join us for Resi’s collaboration with Executive Leadership Solutions, as we talk with Nathan Artt, and get his final thoughts on how churches can build their congregations digitally and in-person!

Plus, if you haven’t already, make sure to grab Nathan’s free ebook, Target Corp & The Flexile Church.

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  • Nathan Artt
    Ministry Solutions

    Nathan is the principal and founder of Ministry Solutions and Executive Leadership Solutions, organizations located in Atlanta, GA focused on equipping leaders for the Church of the Future. In the last 10 years, Ministry Solutions has assisted hundreds of churches in navigating the complexities of growth with finances, multisite, and building projects. Executive Leadership Solutions was founded two year ago and throughout that time has connected thousands of executive leaders from around the country with each other and the best thought leaders from ministry and business. After becoming a Christian at Buckhead Church in 2012, following a successful career in banking, development, and private equity, Nathan left his position as the SVP of Corporate Development at one of the largest financial firms in the country to follow a passion to serve the local church.

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