Reliable and affordable video platform for education.

Resi is the first live streaming for education platform that can stream in high quality even through problems with the internet connection! Pricing is affordable for education and nonprofits with starter plans beginning at $79/mo.

Live Streaming for Education
Live Streaming for Education

Most reliable video streaming for schools.


Live online video provides the best engagement for classes, seminars, sporting events, and other school events. With typical live streaming platforms, packet loss on your connection will lead to buffering wheels, stuttering, and dropped frames. With Resi, real time video is saved and sent on a short delay, making sure that every frame makes it to your students or viewers perfectly. 



1. Encoder

An encoder takes in a video source from your camera, switcher, or other device. Resi’s encoders are the first to make sure that 100% perfect video makes it to the cloud before your viewer sees it.

Need cameras or other hardware? Resi also sells streaming kits with everything you need

2. Cloud

This is where the magic happens. Resi’s cloud takes video data and ensures that all of the frames are received, so that your viewers can expect a perfect viewing experience. If it doesn’t receive all of the video perfectly, it will ask the encoder to resend what is missed. 

3. Distribution

Video data can be sent to multiple online destinations, or even other campuses or physical rooms reliably with Resi decoders.

Streaming to Youtube Facebook and More

Live video to multiple destinations.


Embed your live video into websites, learning management systems, smart TV applications, and social media channels like YouTube and Facebook Live. Video recordings of past events are also available for viewing or downloading. 

Simple and automated.


Resi provides intuitive streaming for education that can be scheduled to repeat automatically. Manage streaming from encoders in multiple classrooms, meeting spaces, or events from the Resi Dashboard. Simulated Live events can also be scheduled, which will replay educational video content to viewers at the same time as if it is live, great for collaborative learning.


Know your viewers. 


From the Resi dashboard, track viewer analytics on events like average watch times, locations, viewer device information, and more. 


Here if you need us.


With Resi’s live streaming for education, dedicated support is available if you need us through email or phone, even on the weekends. Proactive alerts can also be set up which will notify you (and us) if there are any concerns with your streaming health. 

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Web Streaming Platform
Web Live Streaming

Ultra-reliable simultaneous live streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Live and Simulated Playback – Cloud Transcoding / ABS
Smooth Streaming over Any Connection

Multisite Streaming Platform
Multisite / Point-to-Point

Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations — even in the case of a complete internet outage

Dual Channel SDI/HDMI – Live/DVR Playback
End-to-End Resiliency

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Resi Encoders and Decoders enable resilient delivery and are the first step to get started with Web or Multisite platforms.