Reliable and affordable live streaming for events.

Resi was built to provide an enterprise live video streaming platform that does not have failures common with other streaming services. With any online event, 27% of attendees will abandon a stream by the first buffering wheel, and 70% by the second. Resi will help to make sure that your event stream is free from buffering, glitches, and other “special effects” common with live streaming events.

Event Streaming Platform
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Most reliable platform for live events. 

Resi provides resilient live streaming solutions to online viewers and other physical locations. Go live with your virtual event, webinar, or other live stream events, and Resi’s unique encoder will save video content locally and send it on a short delay, ensuring that video is received by your viewers or other receiving campuses perfectly.

Other streaming software or other streaming tools send data using outdated RTMP protocol, which can’t ensure perfect delivery. Resi’s cloud makes sure that every frame is received perfectly, providing reliable streaming even on troubled internet connections. This also means that Resi is ideal for anywhere your connection might be questionable, such as hotel ballrooms or cellular connections.

1. Encoder

Plug your camera, switcher, or other video output device in to Resi’s encoder, which will ensure 100% video delivery to the cloud during live streaming.

Need cameras or other hardware? Resi also sells streaming kits with everything you need

2. Cloud

Resi’s cloud will verify the video quality of the content from the encoder and will ask it to resend any content that is not received perfectly.

3. Distribution

Event live content will be available to viewers watching online or on Resi decoders at physical sites, which act as easy-to-use DVRs.


Simulcast events to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more in 1080p.

Streaming your live events to multiple destinations is the best way to reach attendees where they already are, and Resi makes it simple. From Resi Control, streams can be set to simulcast to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as OTT devices such as Apple TV and Roku. All destinations will have the same benefit of Resi’s perfect streaming video delivery.

Standalone, recurring, or simulated live events.  

Set up your live stream event to occur once or repeat on a schedule from Resi’s simple interface. Want to replay your event later? Resi’s “simulated live” feature allows you to replay an archived event in real-time to viewers on your website, social media, and other platforms.

Automated Streaming
Advanced Analytics

In-depth event viewer data.

Event planners can access detailed viewer information about each live stream event, including viewer watch time, geographic information with heatmaps, device data, and more. This data is important for live video events so you can tell how your content is performing and to produce a virtual event experience that is best for your attendees.

Proactive monitoring and support

Unlike other live streaming platforms, Resi provides proactive monitoring of your streaming health. If something happens that may impact your stream (such as a cable going bad), you will be notified immediately along with our Support team. Need help? We’re just a phone call or email away.

Proactive Support

Easy Integration

Resi works with the platforms you’re already using.

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Live Streaming Platform

Web Live Streaming

Ultra-reliable simultaneous live streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Live and simulated playback - cloud transcoding/ABS.

Smooth streaming over any connection.


Zero-loss point-to-point transmission from one to many physical locations — even in the case of a complete internet outage.

Dual-channel SDI/HDMI - Live/DVR playback.

End-to-end resiliency. 

Multisite Streaming Platform

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How is Resi different from other streaming providers?

There are a few reasons:

Resi’s technology enables more reliable streaming, which leads to less buffering wheels, which leads to more engagement and an exponentially larger audience over time. Resi is the only streaming provider that is able to guarantee 100% content integrity in the cloud (even through internet disruptions) by checking and re-sending data from the encoder through the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP). See a comparison and learn more about RSP

 Resi’s reliability is also guaranteed by our unique cloud infrastructure - rather than relying on dedicated servers, we use groundbreaking scalable cloud distribution methods that are not affected by drastic increases in traffic like other streaming providers. This means that no matter how much traffic streams may receive, Resi’s technology is able to scale dynamically to meet the need with no problems.

 Additionally, Resi is built to be an enterprise-level solution, while also being remarkably easy to use. Streams can be started with a single click or automated on a schedule. The system will also monitor your stream and will notify you if it ever detects any concerns (and our helpful Support team is standing by too).

What is an encoder? Why do I need one?

An encoder is a device, whether hardware or software, that will take a video input from a source (such as a camera or switcher) and send it to the cloud for distribution and viewing. Most utilize unreliable protocols which send video data to the cloud like a laser beam, resulting in buffering, glitching, and dropped frames due to even minimal packet loss.

Resi is the first system that can provide 100% video delivery without interruptions. To do this, we take advantage of the Resilient Streaming Protocol, which unlike RTMP or other protocols such as SRT or Zixi, takes advantage of a local cache in order to check and re-send data until video content is verified as perfect. This is what makes Resi unique and is only available through Resi’s hardware encoders or ProPresenter Stream encoder.

What is included in a Resi service plan?

A Resi service plan includes:

  • Streaming data transfer through Resi’s cloud CDN and cloud storage
  • Continuous service and software feature additions and improvements - we release new things often, and we never charge for updates. 
  • Phone and email support, even on weekends - we’re here if you need us
Can I use multiple encoders with one plan (hardware or ProPresenter)?

Yes! Multiple encoders (whether hardware or software) can be scheduled and streamed with a single plan. If multiple encoders will be streaming at the same time, concurrent events can be added on for $49/mo.

Do you offer a free trial?

At this time, we do not offer a trial of Live Stream Platform. However, month-to-month pricing enables organizations to use Resi with no commitment, or if you want to see an in-depth demo and ask questions before getting started, we’d encourage you to participate in a no-hassle online demo.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Resi’s platform ensures that every frame of video data makes it from encoders to decoders perfectly, even through inconsistencies in connection at the broadcast and receiving sites. However, in order to ensure that there are no delays causing data to get to the cloud within a reasonable delay, 2.5x your streaming bitrate is recommended for upload bandwidth at the broadcast site (and/or download bandwidth at receiving sites). When your connection experiences packet loss, this allows the encoder to re-send data (and/or decoders to re-download data) faster than real-time so your audience doesn’t notice a thing! 


For typical resolutions, this means:

720p: 4-8Mbps

1080p: 10-12Mbps

Don’t have this? Most likely you can still stream. Contact us to talk about your setup. 

What happens if I go over my data?

We don’t bill for overages unless you go more than double your data allotment or 25% over your data allotment for 3 consecutive months. If you exceed these levels the rate is $100 per TB (about 1600 viewers). If you are 25% above consistently (more than 3 months), we just ask that you move up to the next plan or data tier, and we’ll celebrate with you on your audience growth!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! 

  1. Choose your streaming destinations
  2. Select your encoder - either by purchasing a hardware encoder or using ProPresenter
  3. Select your service plan (after checkout) - several options are available depending on your audience size and streaming needs. 
  4. Start streaming!

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