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How to Live Stream: Complete Guide for Streaming in 2022

By Joel Lombardo

Organizations are finding ways to operate in new and unique ways, and many have utilized live or virtual event (sim-live) streaming in order to continue reaching out to their members, clients, partners, and supporters.

To make the transition easier for those in a rush to get streaming, we have created a simple step-by-step guide to get going with live or virtual event/simulated streaming.

Pick the Best Streaming Provider

With all available streaming options, whenever there is even a slight packet loss on internet connection, viewers will face buffering, or in some circumstances, complete loss of the stream.

After the second buffering interruption, 70% of online viewers will have left the stream.

Resi is a Reliable Streaming Provider

Resi helps streamers retain and grow their viewership by providing innovative tools that are industry-leading in reliability while being incredibly easy to use. Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol is the only method which can ensure 100% video delivery over public internet—even troubled connections even through significant packet loss or disruptions.

Resi’s RSP technology increases viewer satisfaction and results in a stable viewing experience.

Plan Your Video Equipment

Planning your live stream video setup starts with equipment: switchers, cameras, and cable infrastructure to record and switch between sources. We outline all necessary tech needed to get a professional live stream operational below:


Most modern cameras work great for online streaming. However, camcorders are usually a better option than DSLR/mirrorless cameras, which may have a time restriction on how long they can record. Here are some key factors when evaluating cameras:

  • Resolution: Resolution refers to the image size a camera will record and/or stream at. Most cameras stream at 1080p maximum resolution, but considering 4K cameras will future-proof your setup as more 4K streaming options become available.
  • Output: Many cameras have an HDMI output and can be directly linked to encoders and switchers. However, HDMI is limited by a maximum cable length of about 50 feet. SDI is a more professional alternative. SDI cables feature locking connectors and a maximum cable length of up to 300 feet.

Our camera recommendations: Canon Vixia HF G21 (Good), Canon XF405 (Best).


A camera switcher is used to mix between multiple cameras or video sources going to a stream, this can also include full screen or overlayed graphics. Make sure that the outputs match inputs of your cameras to the switcher. Alternatively, purchase an HDMI to SDI converter.

Our switcher recommendations: Blackmagic ATEM Mini (Good), Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio (Best)


For live stream audio, it’s encouraged to use a feed mixed specifically for broadcast, or at least from the house audio output of a mixer. Audio can run to a camera, switcher, or directly to an encoder.

Choose a Video Encoder

An encoder is a device (hardware) or program (software) that converts data to a suitable format that media sources, such as Facebook, YouTube, and even your website, can utilize for their sites. Resi has multiple encoder options for each price bracket. All of Resi’s encoder options provide perfect streaming by checking and resending the data, even on inconsistent connections.

Hardware Encoders

Hardware encoders require up-front investment compared to any software alternative. But, the up-front purchase of hardware encoders will future-proof any set-up allowing for any operation to grow with it’s viewer base. Hardware encoders provide the greatest reliability dedicated specifically to encoding, eliminating multitasking and providing the best quality stream.

  • RAY Encoder: A low-cost, portable encoder designed for web streaming. Single HD-SDI input up to 1080p.
  • Server-Grade Encoders: Enterprise-level encoders that scale in power to suit your streaming needs.

Software Encoders

Software encoders require the smallest up-front cost and rely on the computer’s hardware. 

ProPresenter Stream is a reliable software option with the power of Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin. Resi’s Live Stream Platform paired with the flexibility of Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software (sold separately) creates a reliable crisp video and audio stream every time. With this powerful software, you can stream high-quality, ultra-resilient content with Resi even through internet disruptions—on your own hardware!

For supplemental reading, check out our quick article on the pros and cons of hardware vs. software encoders.

Note: All Resi encoders are enabled by Resi Live Stream Platform service plans, starting at $99/month.

Hardware Decoders

Resi also offers a line of sleek and pro-ready decoders that work in conjunction with Resi encoders in order to ensure simple, reliable playback at remote sites. Like the encoders, the decoders ensure full playback of video content with no buffering, glitches, or stuttering even through temporary network interruptions thanks to the Resilient Streaming Protocol. And, just like all of Resi’s platforms, the decoders are extremely easy to use.

Installing Systems and Get Set Up

Many organizations think an inconsistent or slow internet connection will prohibit their ability to stream reliably. This is true under normal circumstances. However, the way the Resi Platform transmits data and corrects for errors, high-quality streaming is possible even on the worst connections. Streaming in 720p resolution is possible on as low as around 5Mbps, or 1080p on 10Mbps.

No internet connection at all? A portable, wired 4G hotspot connection will still allow for high quality streaming with Resi’s RSP technology. Plus, Resi provides simple checklists for initial gear installation, followed by an onboarding call with a dedicated support team representative to complete setup and provide training.

After the production setup, streaming is managed through the user-friendly Resi Studio page. Recurring events can be set up along with Facebook and YouTube simulcasting from the cloud—in full 1080p with stereo audio. Scheduled events will start and stop automatically. Set and forget!

Choose Where You Want to Stream

For online live streaming, most will prioritize engaging with their audience on their website. Users can display a Resi player directly anywhere on your website using an embed code allowing for crisp and seamless engagement with viewership.

Social destinations such as Facebook and YouTube are great for live stream marketing in order to reach attendees that would not normally come to your website, but often distract viewers from your content with other videos or content. Viewers will typically engage with live stream content around 2-5 minutes on Facebook, 15-20 minutes on YouTube, and up to about 40-55 minutes on an organization’s website. In order to have the best engagement with an online community, home websites are usually the best primary streaming destination.

Virtual Events Through Simulated Live

Using Resi, streaming has never been easier and more effective. Streams landing on home websites, Facebook, and YouTube can be scheduled to occur in real-time or streamed as virtual events through “sim-live” broadcasts of previously-recorded content. This is a great way to stream content that was recorded at another time and enable an audience to view and interact with it concurrently.

Many organizations have utilized this method to stream a scheduled event to an online community that was recorded and produced earlier in the week. Simulated-live events can also be a great way to continue to engage an online campus throughout the week.

How To Get Started

The best way to get started live streaming is to book a demo with Resi. You’ll be able to chat with a Solutions Engineer and see first-hand how Resi’s streaming platform is the best solution for your live streaming needs. Book a demo today!

Joel Lombardo

Joel is an Online Pastor, Web Developer, and Digital Marketer. Joel has been helping churches and organizations live stream important moments for almost 10 years.

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