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New Product Announcement: ProPresenter Stream

Today, we are excited to announce a very special partnership. 

Since Resi was founded, it was only possible to stream using hardware encoders that we provided. This isn’t because we wanted to force you into buying new gear (although we all love new gear day), it was because the streaming resiliency that Resi provides is only possible through a system that can check and resend data redundantly until 100% data integrity is verified in the cloud. Trust us—we wasted a ton of money at our organization buying other encoders and having to eBay them. Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) is the first and only method of doing this, something not possible through standard RTMP encoders or even other methods such as SRT or Zixi.

Since that time, Resi has grown to serve thousands around the world, but the up-front hardware cost has sometimes been a barrier to entry for smaller organizations, especially those who already bought other hardware.

Introducing: ProPresenter Stream

Today, we will release the first way to stream reliably using Resi’s technology on your own hardware, utilizing Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software. Resi ProPresenter Stream enables any organization, even those restricted by budget, to have reliable streaming through Resi with minimal upfront cost. Like Resi’s hardware encoders, ProPresenter stream utilizes RSP to ensure rock-solid streaming through packet loss and even complete internet disruptions.

What’s Included?

Every Live Stream Platform plan includes 1 ProPresenter Stream license (ProPresenter software must be purchased separately), so it’s free to get started even if you already have a Resi encoder, and if you want to stream from additional ProPresenter machines, you can add as many as you want for $9/mo each (plus web plan changes for concurrent events if applicable). Because you can easily schedule and automate every stream, this is great to set up in all of your venues, for every video need from streaming classroom to private Facebook groups to automatic video archival.

We still recommend hardware encoders such as our Server-Grade encoders or low-cost RAY encoder as your first choice option, as these guarantee the highest level of reliability; they are dedicated specifically to encoding without relying on underlying software or being used for multitasking in production. Resi ProPresenter Stream makes a great option for when budget is limited (and you maybe already have a ProPresenter machine) or want the reliable streaming of Resi in a low-cost scalable platform for additional spaces in your facility.

What Is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation and production application for live events developed by Renewed Vision. Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin enables resilient live video streaming from within ProPresenter 7.3 or newer.

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