New Product Announcement: ProPresenter Stream

Nov 11, 2020 | Press Releases, Live Stream, ProPresenter Stream

Introducing Resi ProPresenter Stream

Today, we are excited to announce a very special partnership. 

Since Resi was founded (back when we were known as “Living As One”), it was only possible to stream using hardware encoders that we provided. This isn’t because we wanted to force you into buying new gear (although we all love new gear day), it was because the streaming resiliency that Resi provides is only possible through a system that can check and re-send data redundantly until 100% data integrity is verified in the cloud. Trust us — we wasted a ton of money at our organization buying other encoders and having to eBay them. Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) is the first and only method of doing this, something not possible through standard RTMP encoders or even other methods such as SRT or Zixi. 

Since that time, Resi has grown to serve thousands around the world, but the up-front hardware cost has sometimes been a barrier to entry for smaller organizations, especially those who already bought other hardware.

Resi + ProPresenter

Today, we will release the first way to stream reliably using Resi’s technology on your own hardware, utilizing Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software. Resi ProPresenter Stream enables any organization, even those restricted by budget, to have reliable streaming through Resi with minimal up-front cost. Like Resi’s hardware encoders, ProPresenter stream utilizes RSP to ensure rock-solid streaming through packet loss and even complete internet disruptions. 

Every Live Stream Platform plan includes 1 ProPresenter Stream license (ProPresenter software must be purchased separately), so it’s free to get started even if you already have a Resi encoder, and if you want to stream from additional ProPresenter machines, you can add as many as you want for $9/mo each (plus web plan changes for concurrent events if applicable). Because you can easily schedule and automate every stream, this is great to set up in all of your venues, for every video need from streaming classroom to private Facebook groups to automatic video archival. 

We still recommend hardware encoders such as the enterprise-grade PRISM encoder or low-cost RAY encoder as your first choice option, as these guarantee the highest level of reliability; they are dedicated specifically to encoding without relying on underlying software or being used for multitasking in production. Resi ProPresenter stream makes a great option for when budget is limited (and you maybe already have a ProPresenter machine) or want the reliable streaming of Resi in a low-cost scalable platform for additional spaces in your facility.


Eliminate Streaming Complaints

Like Resi’s hardware encoders, ProPresenter Stream takes advantage of Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) to ensure 100% perfect transmission without “special effects” like buffering wheels, glitches, and dropped frames. Resi’s platform caches data and sends it on a short delay, verifying every frame in the cloud. 

This makes sure that viewers see everything that is sent, even through network issues at the streaming site. Seriously; you could even lose internet completely for up to 90 seconds and viewers won’t notice a thing.

On average, organizations see streaming complaints drop by 70% with Resi.

Resi Multiple Destinations with ProPresenter

Send to Multiple Destinations

Grow your online presence by streaming to your website, Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps, TV apps, and more, all at the same time, from a single live stream. Easily embed your video on platforms like Church Online Platform and Brushfire. Set up once and you’re done – your embed code never needs to be updated.

Resi Simple Streaming with ProPresenter

Easy to Manage and Schedule

Destination groups (including all of your chosen endpoints) can be set up easily ahead of time, so you can start streaming from ProPresenter with a single click. Even better, schedule your one-time or recurring event times and destinations to start automatically for each of your ProPresenter Stream instances and have one less thing to worry about.

Resi ProPresenter Streaming Keyer, Switcher

No Switcher Needed

Using ProPresenter, easily switch between multiple inputs, overlay titles, lyrics, and more, and stream to Resi from one single device. No other switcher, hardware, or encoders are necessary. Resi ProPresenter Stream is the only thing you need to start streaming with confidence, every time.


How much does Resi ProPresenter Stream cost?

Your organization’s first license of Resi ProPresenter Stream is free! Each additional license costs $9/mo. Your stream is enabled through a Resi service plan, which is available at several different levels depending on your organization size and needs.


Resi is the first system that can provide 100% video delivery without interruptions. To do this, we take advantage of the Resilient Streaming Protocol, which unlike RTMP or other protocols such as SRT or Zixi, takes advantage of a local cache in order to check and re-send data until video content is verified as perfect. This is what makes Resi unique and is only available through Resi’s encoders.

What is included in a Resi service plan?

A Resi service plan includes:

  • Streaming data transfer through Resi’s cloud CDN and cloud storage
  • Continuous service and software feature additions and improvements – we release new things often, and we never charge for updates. 
  • Scheduling, analytics, support, and much more, view our website for the complete details.
What is ProPresenter? Do I need it to get started?

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation & production application for live events developed by Renewed Vision. Resi’s ProPresenter Stream plugin enables resilient live video streaming from within ProPresenter 7.3 or newer. Get more information and download ProPresenter here

How is Resi ProPresenter Stream different from Resi’s PRISM and RAY hardware encoders?

Along with Resi ProPresenter Stream, Resi provides dedicated hardware encoders that can be implemented into existing video systems. 


ProPresenter Stream relies on your hardware, based on recommended system specifications. Through Resi’s platform, this provides ultra-resilient, high-quality video streaming much more reliable than RTMP and other live streaming methods.

Resi’s hardware encoders, including the prosumer-level RAY and enterprise-level PRISM, provide maximum reliability and peace of mind as they are dedicated to encoding and do not rely on underlying software, so they are best in mission-critical applications.

How is Resi different from other streaming providers?

In short, more reliable streaming, which leads to less buffering wheels, which leads to more engagement and an exponentially larger audience over time. Resi is the only streaming provider that is able to guarantee 100% content integrity in the cloud (even through internet disruptions) by checking and re-sending data from the encoder through the Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP). See a comparison and learn more about RSP.

How do I get started?

New to Resi Live Stream Platform?


Existing Resi Live Stream Platform user?

  • Contact Support to add ProPresenter Stream to your account. 
  • Make sure that you have ProPresenter 7.3 downloaded and installed.
  • Select Resi as your streaming destination within ProPresenter, and log in.
  • That’s it!