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S1 E1, Aired Feb 8, 2021

The Chad Vegas Interview

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We’re so excited to bring a production tech podcast into existence with the sole purpose of shining a light on those in the shadows of this artistry-meets-technology world of coffee and gaff tape.

In our very first episode EVER, we are honored to be joined by the one and only Chad Vegas! The former Video Director at Bethel Church in CA and now the current Video Director at Transformation Church in OK.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:09:16: From Bethel to Transformation
00:18:56: Leaving something you built
00:21:40: Choosing a style and how to achieve it
00:29:03: What’s the setup like at TC?
00:39:47: Top 3 things to give your broadcast a strong foundation
00:47:25: COVID challenges
00:52:14: The future of streaming according to Chad
00:55:23: Chad’s heart

A HUGE thanks to Chad for spending the time with us! Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram @chadvegas. Turn it up and enjoy!

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