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S1 E4, Aired May 6, 2021

The David Paulson Interview

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Sports fans, you’re in for a treat with Episode 004 of Coffee & Gaff Tape! Have you ever wondered how replay works in the NFL, or what it’s like in those production trucks that roll up to MLB parks across the country, or even how long it’s going to take for courtside camera ops to get replaced by robots in the NCAA basketball tournament?

Well, then David Paulson might be your new best friend! David has run replay, camera, or edited content for the biggest names in sports, including ESPN, FOX SPORTS, the NFL, and many more! In short, if you’ve watched sporting events in any capacity, you’ve probably experienced his vast body of work.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:02:22: Who is David Paulson?
00:04:39: The cancelation of ‘everything.’
00:07:35: Why sports live production?
00:08:52: How do you tell a story through replay?
00:09:59: What’s the pressure like during a sports broadcast?
00:16:04: What’s the balance between local and national broadcast teams?
00:22:46: The Super Bowl and an Emmy.
00:25:08: Why replay and what kind of gear is involved?
00:32:55: What’s the difference between sports broadcasts and other live broadcasts?
00:35:07: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected what you do?
00:44:13: Can you buy a house if you know how to over-under a cable?
00:48:50: David’s heart.

We’re so grateful for David sharing his journey with us and can’t wait for you to come along with us. So, pause the game, get your headphones, and give this episode a listen! Follow David Paulson on Instagram.

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