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S1 E2, Aired Mar 10, 2021

The Ryan Ellis Interview

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Coffee & Gaff Tape episode two is here! Even if you’re brand new, we’re sure you know the deal – we are here to support those in the shadows, those who might be listening right now during a 3 AM load out, those who know their fixtures DMX addresses better than their own home address. Yes, we’re talking about being in production.

We’re back with another show aimed at the production tech community; with the goal to shine a light on those in the shadows of this often-overlooked industry.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:04:07: Chipolte and the Sacramento Kings?
00:06:23: From taking apart remotes to working in the production world
00:08:10: What would you tell young Ryan Ellis?
00:09:51: Arriving on the scene of a “mega-movement” at Passion
00:16:10: Favorite moments while at Passion 
00:18:23: Passion’s COVID pivot
00:22:57: From ministry to the marketplace
00:24:47: Combatting “tech envy” in the church
00:28:43: What’s next for broadcasting?
00:31:00: The Instagram Live with Zach from Elevation
00:34:23: Ryan’s heart

Thanks to Ryan for sharing his story and spending the time with us! Upgrade your scroll and follow him on Instagram @__ryan.ellis__. Turn it up and enjoy!

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