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S1 E11, Aired Dec 7, 2021

The Todd Elliott Interview

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We’re sending all the Christmas vibes to you with Episode 11 of Coffee & Gaff Tape! We’ve decked the halls of this episode with lights, ugly sweaters, and the founder of everyone’s favorite tech community: Todd Elliott!

That’s right, Mr. FILO himself joins us to talk about his life in production, navigating the demands between church and family, and why he loves Jesus… but hates Christmas.

Here’s some of what we cover:

00:03:51: How did you end up in the shadows of production?
00:08:57: How did your time at Willow Creek shape your career?
00:19:41: What’s behind your ability to ask for help?
00:23:19: Where did the idea of FILO begin?
00:33:46: What has it been like for you to witness the impact of FILO?
00:38:24: How can we know it’s time for a change?
00:45:29: Why do you hate Christmas?
00:50:45: How would you encourage the production community in the thick of the Christmas season?
00:58:55: Todd’s heart.

It was an incredible time getting to hear Todd share his story and learnings, and we appreciate him and the whole team at FILO. Alright, you’ve got a choice between hot chocolate and coffee; but AirPods and hitting play has already been decided for you!

Thank you!

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