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How To Live Stream Pre-Recorded Video

By Sean Begler

Over time, we at Resi have noticed a major increase of interest on streaming pre-recorded videos. Why is this increase occurring, you may ask? Streaming pre-existing videos offers users a long list of advantages that provide flexibility and greater control over their broadcasts. Some of these advantages include: reducing the stress and workload the day of your event, having the ability to edit your content before it goes live, and being able to manage your time effectively when streaming with Resi.

Keep reading below to discover why pre-produced video streaming has swept the streaming industry, find out what apps that can help you get your final export-ready, and learn Resi’s foolproof method to creating the best simulated live stream possible. 

Stress-Free with Sim-Live

One of the biggest perks to using a simulated live stream in contrast to a real-time live event is the amount of stress you can avoid on the day of your broadcast. Under normal conditions, the day of a live event is usually one filled with lots of pressure and little time. Production teams are often running around and double-checking every aspect of the broadcast, such as network connections, camera angles, audio clarity, and more. This type of environment can sometimes lead to breakdowns in communication and an unsatisfactory final product.

However, with pre-recorded content, simulated live streams, and automated broadcast schedules the day of your broadcast doesn’t need to be something your entire team dreads. By using your pre-recorded video in a simulated live stream, you’re given the ability to record during normal working hours so you’ll never need to scramble at the last minute to capture the content you need. You’ll also be given the opportunity to use the days of your broadcast as effectively as possible, focusing on creating a thorough workflow and stress-free environment that your production team will thrive off of. 

Pre-Recorded Makes Perfect

Another great advantage to pre-produced video streaming is that you’ll be able to have greater control over the quality of your production. By recording your video earlier in the week, you’ll have the opportunity to watch it over and remove any imperfections before the content ever sees air. Polishing content until it’s just right is a great way to put your best foot forward when streaming and an even better way to practice your broadcast until you’re ready to live stream in the future.

Plus, with this extra time, you can say goodbye to surprise audio issues or awkward camera cuts and instead gain the ability to edit your content exactly how you see fit. Maybe you’re interested in adding newly recorded clips or making sure that your subtitle transcriptions are as accurate as possible. Either way, taking advantage of extra editing time allows you to create a custom streaming experience that reflects both the vision of your organization and the needs of your audience.

Automatic Magic

After you’ve finished perfecting your content to hit exactly what you need, Resi will make sure you can sit confidently knowing your video will stream with absolute resiliency and will be delivered identically to a normal live stream. But that’s certainly not the only perk when utilizing all of Resi’s incredible features—we’ll also help you shave off some serious time from your workflow! Typically when you want to stream your existing videos onto multiple social platforms, i.e. Facebook, Youtube, etc., you’re forced to upload the same file to each platform individually. This can take up some major time in an already tight schedule.

Luckily with Resi, you only need to upload your content onto one platform and it will stream live to all your chosen destinations! Your pre-existing video will appear as if it were live to every audience member watching and you don’t have to rely on your network connection or any premier tags to get the job done perfectly.

Upload & Automate

Plus, with our Upload and Automate feature, you can schedule the time for your simulated live stream and the content will go live all on its own. But that’s not all! Our Upload and Automate feature also allows you to set up recurring weekly events that will stream automatically, all you have to do is upload your new video each week. Never worry about missing your prime viewing time again or double checking to make sure your streams made it onto each platform, just upload the content and we’ll take care of the rest.

How-To Stream is Easy Too!

So what exactly does the process of setting up a simulated live stream look like? Let’s break it down. Once you have your pre-recorded video, you’ll export your final edit with your mastered audio to Resi based on these requirements. We do recommend a maximum video and audio bitrate setting for your exported video, but other than that, everything else is totally up to you!

Note: For fine-tuning your export settings we recommend using a video compressor app like Adobe Media EncoderApple Compressor, or Handbrake.

Once exported, you’ll need to schedule your time for the replay or sim-live of your uploaded video. This is the time when you’ll be able to decide which destinations you want to include for your broadcast including Youtube, Facebook, webpages, apps, and OTT (over the top) devices. You’ll also have the option to stream to additional platforms for special circumstances like conferences, webinars, digital announcements, meetings, and even monetized events. After that, you’re done—it’s really that simple.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out the thousands of different organizations, big and small, who are using pre-recorded content to optimize their workflows, reduce live production stress, record during normal business hours, and increase engagement with their simulated live streams.

Still have questions? Check out our page here to get all of the latest information on live streaming capabilities or contact our Sales team to see if live streaming pre-recorded videos is the right choice for you. 

Sean Begler

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